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Quick update

March 11, 2012
  • MSconceptions article will be posted ASAP. Things have gotten a bit crazy lately so I haven’t really had the opportunity to throw as much work at that particular piece as I’ve wanted to. 
  • EMG went well and had for the most part normal results (there was 1 thing that was unusual, but not overly concerning). The test ruled out some diseases my neurologist was concerned about. The neuromuscular specialist and neurology resident raised a few possibilities, so I’ll be talking to the neurologist about a few things next time I see her. The test was not painful at all and was really, really interesting. Never thought I’d say this about a medical test but it was actually a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
  • My cold has gone away for the most part (still a little bit of sinus congestion but nothing major, at least I can breathe through my nose now). Unfortunately the day of my EMG I noticed some symptoms of a possible UTI despite taking cranberry pills as a preventative measure every day (oddly enough it didn’t become extremely apparent until I was at the hospital leaving from the test). 
  • I had also noticed that I started grinding my teeth in my sleep again, so I felt like I had some pressure under a tooth for about 2 days. I figured it was related to a wisdom tooth that needs to come out, but can’t because of insurance problems. Things took a really bad turn, and I ended up waking up in agony after cracking a molar from grinding my teeth so heavily in my sleep, which quickly lead to an infection. 
  • Since there are major problems with my insurance (technically I have some dental coverage, but for silly reasons have to leave town to see a dentist), I ended up going to the ER this morning because I was in so much pain and needed antibiotics. So now I’m on a strong antibiotic (which will deal with both the UTI and the tooth) and a narcotic pain killer for just under 2 weeks. 
  • School is at red alert stage. Getting close to the end of the semester, so for every day this week there is either something due or a test. Will be extremely busy getting everything finished and in on time, trying to make enough time to both rest and study. 
So, I won’t be posting much (if at all) this week. Once things quiet down I’ll get that article finished and posted as well as a thorough entry about what the EMG was like (since there are so many horror stories online about that test, I think it needs to be balanced out because the stories I’ve seen about it were just….I don’t know, either I have incredible luck or a lot of those stories are highly exaggerated). 

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  1. Good luck getting it all done! Be sure to save some time for yourself to sleep, eat and recover. xo

  2. I’ve been pretty good lately for making sure I have some me time (especially when I’m sick), but I still manage to put way too much on my plate sometimes. Once this week is over with, it’ll just be a few big projects to work on instead of a flurry of millions of little things to do thankfully.

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