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February 27, 2012

Feelin pretty damn good right now. On my week long break now, took the first two days to just relax, sleep, and do absolutely nothing productive, felt wonderful. I must’ve needed that more than I realized because my energy has improved greatly (haven’t had any bouts of random, crushing fatigue or intense vertigo that past few days). Right now all I’m really feeling is a buzzing sensation in my hands, so that’s pretty awesome.

Starting to do a little shopping today to start amassing a little stockpile of things for next school year because I’ve officially landed myself a single dorm room. So happy about that. A bit concerned about cost still, but there’s no stress about where I’m going to live anymore. I’m still not overjoyed at the thought of the mealplan and not having a stove, but I’ll manage. It will be so nice to have less space to take care of because taking care of the place I’m in now is just overwhelming at times, it’s just too big for one person (I’m also kinda excited to be moving from an old, energy wasting home to a place that runs on solar and wind power. I’m a bit nutty about things that waste energy). Really saddened by the thought of not being able to bring my cat with me, but my parents will be taking her in so at least I know she’ll be going to a good home. I’m working out a little plan for making dorm living as easy and cost effective as possible, so if you have any tips or know of any good articles send em my way. I bought a bunch of space bags today to help save room with clothes (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, they’re those bags that you can stuff like, 12 sweaters into and it ends up being super small because you vacuum all the air out of the bag). I’m working out my wardrobe so I only have to do laundry every 2 weeks (saves money and energy). I would attempt the whole hanging bed thing, but that requires a lot of physical work that I just can’t competently do and I don’t want to end up damaging something and having a big bill at the end of the year. I have no idea how big the bathroom in my room will be (expecting it to be super tiny) but I’m hoping it’ll be big enough to put a laundry rack in so I can hang some clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.

The mealplan really is my biggest concern about moving though. I don’t count calories or even weigh myself regularly, but I’ve tweaked my diet so I’m eating healthier and it has paid off. After my stint in the wheelchair, I noticed I was getting really well, jiggly, and I didn’t like it. I felt like garbage because I had gone from doing a military style exercise routine with lots of jogging, chin ups, push ups, weight lifting ,etc to being a bowl of jello, it drove me nuts. I know I can’t get right back into my old routine quite yet, but the change in my diet and the exercises I’ve been doing have helped enough to get me from size 7 jeans back down to a size 3 (man that feels GOOD!). I want to maintain that, and I’m not sure how I’m going to do that with eating cafeteria food most of the time. I’m starting to feel healthy again, and I don’t want to lose that (at least the school has a gym, so I won’t have to travel to work out, just walk to a different building). One big bonus of the dorm room is that smoking indoors or within….either 9 or 12 meters of an entrance (can’t remember, I think 9 for most places and 12 for hospitals) is banned here (as it should be). I’ve tried quitting numerous times and have always fallen back into the habit. So, having to go outside and walk through the snow to a designated smoking area any time I want to light up is definitely going to help deter that (if I’m still smoking by the time I move). I bought an electronic cigarette today to help me cut down, so we’ll see how that goes. I know a lot of people don’t like them, but it’s a pretty neat little tool. There’s no nicotine or harmful smoke, but it really helps with the habit, which is what I need. I tend to light up when I’m working on the computer or playing video games without even thinking about it, so having that thing next to me instead of a pack will help with that habit. Less money wasted on garbage, and less garbage entering my lungs. Win win. Plus the vapor from the e-cig tastes good (mmm, cherry).

The entry on MSconceptions is coming along well and will be up in a few days (have to get some reports and such done for school first). Had an incredible amount of input from so many people, so thankful for those that took the time to share their thoughts with me.


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  1. There should be a few healthy options in the cafeteria, at least I hope there will be. Is there an option to request special meals/items for health reasons? I’m sure you’ll find a way to succeed with this obstacle like you have with others. Walking distance from a gym is always a plus!

  2. Not really any option to make special requests, but the particular school I will be going to does have a better selection of meals than the one I’m at now (the one I’m at now does have some really, REALLY yummy healthy options that are available at the new school, but of course, they cost more). I managed to find a really cute little fruit and veggie shop near residence (thank you google maps!) so I can easily keep my mini fridge stocked up with a nice fresh supply of the good stuff 🙂 The gym is a definite plus, I’m going to have to look into what kind of exercise classes they have as well (the one I’m at now just has a spin class, I’m hoping the new school has a yoga class on campus since it’ll be a wee bit cramped in my room to be doing yoga in there lol).

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