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About Me (and the others)

About Me

I am a 25 year old patient and student in Ontario, Canada. I am studying pre-health and plan to go on to a degree that will land me in the medical research field. I have been a support worker and first responder. I have trigeminal neuralgia and have had symptoms that range from mildly irritating to debilitating since I was 17. I am in diagnostic limboland; I have been tested for diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, lupus, various dietary deficiencies, and so on. The most likely culprit is relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

About The Others

There are a few nicknames you will see pop up fairly regularly. For the sake of saving you the trouble of looking through old posts to figure out who everyone is, I’ll list them here:

Dr. Fabulous (Dr. Fab): My primary care physician. Very blunt, never tip toes around things, and a wonderful patient advocate. I would be nowhere near a diagnosis without her.

Dr. Quack: My former neurologist. I think the nickname speaks for itself.

Dr. Kickass: My new neurologist; specializes in multiple sclerosis. Extremely intelligent, great bedside manner, and overall kickass doctor.

Big City Hospital: The out-of-town hospital I go to. Home of the MS clinic where I go to be seen by Dr. Kickass.

Local Hospital: Name speaks for itself. I try to avoid this place as often as possible due to the complexity of my health and the lack of specialized training.

Contact Information

Twitter: @Mausicle


Feel free to leave comments. They are moderated but registration is not required (in other words: they will not appear on the blog as soon as you post it; I have to give it the OK first. If I didn’t do this the blog would be overrun with spam). If you want to contact me privately but don’t use twitter and for whatever reason do not want to e-mail me, leave a comment ending with “please delete.”

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