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oh come on

July 6, 2011

I’m really frustrated right now. I was exhausted earlier this afternoon so I went to take a nap. I always bring my cell and home phone with me to bed just in case, but sometimes this leads to half asleep conversations I barely remember or hanging up on people without realizing it. I hung up on someone I shouldn’t have today: dr kickass.
Thing is, I’ve been getting constant calls from this one telemarketer lately so I recognize her voice now. When I hear her voice I hang up right away, I’m sick of it. They’re calling for my ex that hasn’t lived with me for a very long time.
I was just about to fall asleep and the phone rang. I picked up and thought I heard that telemarketers voice. I cut her off, stumbled out the words “wrong number, stop calling” and hung up. I didn’t feel like getting woken up again so I took the battery out of the phone.
It was the doctor. Thankfully they have my parents number on file as a backup so she called my mom. She wanted dr quack’s number because she couldn’t get my mri results from the mri clinic. As mom was looking up the doctor’s number for her, she told dr kickass that he claimed to have sent the results to my gp, dr fabulous, so she could give her that number too if she couldn’t get ahold of dr quack. She declined because I already gave her dr fabulous’ number and she does not have the results (so that bitch secretary flat out lied to me).
So, I’ve got to call dr kickass tomorrow to see if she managed to get my results from that prick. If he won’t give them up I have two options:
1) Drive 4 hours to pick up results I should have had over 2 months ago
2) Forget the test was ever done and wait possibly for several months to get a new mri done at big city hospital’s mri department

As you can tell from my last post, while I am getting better in some ways, I am getting much worse in other ways. Do I have to end up unable to walk again before that fucking asshole takes this seriously? I’m not his patient anymore, he has no right to interfer with my care. I’m going after him. I’m contacting the college of physicians tomorrow after I talk to dr kickass to start the complaint process.


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