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July 9, 2011

It’s a good morning so far; I’m nowhere near as tired as I was yesterday. I ended up taking 4 naps throughout the day and fell asleep much earlier than usual (I slept through dinnertime, oops). It was such a struggle to keep my eyes open. I felt absolutely rotten all day. I was slurring, wobbly, tingling that gave me goosebumps, had a hard time following any conversation. My memory was completely shot and ended up making the same little reminder lists several times because I forgot that I had already made a reminder list. My thighs cramped if I stood for more than 5 minutes, had tons of pins and needles, and my shoulders were sensitive to touch again (felt like they were covered in bruises and a sunburn). My feet tensed up but I managed to get ice on them and massage them before they went into fullblown, painful, charliehorse type cramps. Lots of tummy problems, a killer migraine all day, blurred vision, visual fog, and it hurt to move my right eye. Much more numbness in the left side of my face and the left side of my tongue and roof of my mouth went numb again. I was so weak all day, just moving my limbs was difficult. Everything felt so heavy. I’m pretty sure I know what has trigger this though, so I’m not worried. A few more days and I’ll probably feel fine. The past few months, I’ve noticed that I always feel worse (TMI ALERT) for about a week before that oh so lovely, special, wonderful time of the month < /sarcasm> and a few days afterwards. In between though there are a few days where I feel completely normal, so I’m looking forward to that.

Considering how much I slept yesterday, I’m not as awake and energetic as I should be but that’s ok. That will probably change as the day goes on and it gets hotter out, but for now it’s absolutely beautiful out (only 15C :D). My shoulders are still pretty sore and the pins and needles are constant in the left side of my body (though it’s not really intense so it’s more annoying than painful). Still gets worse when I look down. Still some numbness in my mouth and such. A bit of a headache but if it stays as it is now I will be very happy. Right leg is kind of sore and sluggish so I’m thinking it was tensed up when I was sleeping. My vision isn’t as blurry but everything still has a grey film over it. My hearing has been kinda crappy the past few days and it doesn’t seem to be any better right now. My hearing and not seeing colours clearly are frustrating me more than anything else. I want to paint but I know the colours won’t be right. I listen to music almost constantly so it’s frustrating to not hear it properly; drums (especially symbals) are muddled, everything gets mixed into one big mush of sound. I can’t wait for my hearing to get back to normal; I love it when that happens, it’s like listening to a song I’ve heard a million times for the first time. One of my favorite things to do when my hearing goes back to normal is to listen to some old Smashing Pumpkins and just focus on Jimmy Chamberlin’s beautiful drumming.

Now, why the random entry title? Something happened to my foot to my other day that I found extremely entertaining. Normally I can fan my toes out and pick stuff up with them (odd useless talent, hurray monkey feet!), but the other day part of my foot felt really tense. I tried stretching out my foot and fanning out my toes, and I noticed that my second and third toe would not move. I’ve lost control of my toes before, but it was always all of my toes that I couldn’t move at all. With those two toes tensed up and stuck together, when I fanned out my toes it looked like I was doing the live long and prosper hand gesture with my foot. When I left my toes fanned out like this and moved my babytoe closer to my fourth toe with my hand, it was dead on. As the spawn of a trekkie, I found this just way too amusing and decided to name this symptom spockfoot.

Since I’m more awake than yesterday and skipped supper last night, I’m going to make myself a nice big feast for breakfast and try to get my study/computer room cleaned up and organized before going to have dinner by a campfire tonight. I won’t be touching any of the bricks around the firepit this time though 😛 I was feeling really depressed and emotional the past few days but I feel really cheery for some reason right now, so I’m going to make the best of today 🙂


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