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Bump in the road

January 17, 2012

So much for being free of side effects.

A few things have started popping up since increasing the dose of gabapentin: sore throat, dizziness, fatigue, blurry vision, a bit of double vision, frackin sore kidneys, and a mild tremor in both hands.

It is controlling spasms and TN pain better at this higher dose, though not completely (especially the TN pain), so I will eventually be going up again to 400mg, but I’m going to hold off on that and just try to push through it for now until the side effects fade out. I’ve constantly got a headache from straining to see (which is horrible when you’re sitting in a lecture all day trying to read powerpoint presentations, skim through textbooks, and write notes all at the same time). I’ve given up on trying to really read anything right now if it’s not a few centimeters from my face (which is kinda embarrassing in class) so I’m just sticking with jotting down verbal cues and such from lectures. I almost fell asleep in class a few times today because of the fatigue, which could have been pretty bad if I didn’t have such an understanding professor since they were standing right next to me. Weather has been nuts so on top of the side effects, my back is killing me from trying to keep the driveway clear (key word there: trying. Trying and failing).

Despite feeling crappy right now, I’m still feeling pretty positive about this medication. These things take time…



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  1. Wait how much Gabapentin are you on?

  2. Only 300mg at the moment :S Not much at all, but it probably doesn’t help that my kidneys aren’t the best at filtering things out after way too many bouts of kidney stones. I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should, and way too much coffee (again….I did get down to one cup a day before, but school changed that drastically). Once I fix that problem and start drinking more water it will at least take care of the aching in my sides/back.

  3. Ah man yeah you GOT to ditch the coffee. I used to be an addict! I spent more time in coffee shops than at home! Now caffeine messes me up so I can’t plus Im broke haha but they say an apple gives you as much energy as one cup of coffee but I doubt you will notice that right now because you have a chemical dependance on the caffeine you have to brake first haha!

    But yeah I am surprised at how much Gabapentin they wanted me to take! Crazy! I thought that was like normal 900mg a day!

    • haha ya, and even once I cut out the caffeine I miss the taste of it, I feel all out of sorts if I don’t taste coffee in the morning 😛 I need to slowly transition back to decaf so I don’t bite someone’s head off from caffeine withdrawl 😛 Yeesh 900mg a day…. that would just completely screw me up 😛 did they have you start at a low dose and gradually increase it?

  4. Yeah I miss it sometimes but not enough to mess with it because one cup of soda and that minimum caffeine gives me the WORST restless leg syndrome and I’m up all nigh. CRAZY.

    I think I just did 300 for a week and then added 300 each week after til I hit the 900, 3 pills a day. Oh wait I am only doing the 600 though, so I took 1 pill for one week then after that moved to the two.

    How does it effects you? I saw no effects except I was a tad sleepy for the first few days.

  5. As of now, it’s not really effecting me, but I can definitely feel it when I miss a dose or take a dose too late.

  6. Interesting, I don’t feel anything immediate but I think after a couple of doses I can tell…. Its hard because it’s not like a narcotic where you feel it immediately you know?

  7. It’s definitely not an immediate effect, it takes a while to feel the pain starting to fade out, but since my doses are spread so far apart it’s really noticable when I miss one

  8. I see, I need to change up how I take mine, just not sure HOW yet….. BAH!

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