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Side Effects: Round One

January 11, 2012

I have some time to kill so I’ll go through the side effects I had from the gabapentin last night. So far I’m pleasantly surprised.

1) Dry mouth. This was the worst one, but it went away after a few hours. At the worst point, it felt like a had a big lump of sawdust in my throat. Easy enough to manage with water and gum though. If you’ve ever tried nicotine gum and chewed it for too long, you’ll know the kind of horrible dry throat I mean.

2) Giddiness. I started feeling really silly last night. Everything was making me giggle. But, it wasn’t like “omg why can’t I stop laughing?”, I enjoyed it, so no complaints there! It didn’t last long, and while I’m hoping it doesn’t pop up again when I’m in a lecture, at least it won’t last long if it does.

3) Chatty. I’m a very quiet person, I’m constantly being told “you don’t talk much, do you?”  but last night, I just couldn’t shut up. This came along with the giddiness and faded out with it as well.

4) High. Not sure how else to describe it. Floaty is how I described it on Twitter. Was nowhere near as intense as it was with tegretol, took longer to set in, and was very short lived.

5) Tiredness. I’m not even sure if I should put this one up to be honest. I was most concerned about drowsiness as a side effect before taking it, I was expecting it to knock me out. It just made me feel a tiny bit more tired than usual, but the small amount of sleep I had the night before could have been causing that as well. We’ll find out when I take it again today! It just made falling asleep feel more pleasant and easier, I wasn’t struggling to stay awake.

6) Heartburn. This one didn’t happen until I woke up, but it was really intense. Baking soda in water took care of it though. *NOTE: Make sure you have a 2 hour gap between taking an antacid and taking gabapentin*

7) Nausea. Set in fairly early (shortly after the dry mouth, about an hour and a half). It was tolerable and didn’t last long though (1-2 hours) so it didn’t really cause any problems.


If there was anything else, it was so minor I don’t remember it. I’m really, really happy with this medication so far. Much easier to tolerate than tegretol. Oh, some else that’s kind of odd: I was expecting to be groggy this morning, but instead it’s the complete opposite. Normally I hit snooze and lay in bed for half an hour or so. Today, I practically jumped out of bed feeling wide awake right away. I absolutely love this medication. I’ll do the 200mg per day for a few days, then start 300mg per day on the weekend. I had a few little spasms in my abdomen but they didn’t feel as strong. Plus, they happened when I was in the giddy stage so I just didn’t care as much.

Remember though, medications affect everyone differently. My positive experience with gabapentin does not guarantee you will have a good experience with it.


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