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January 10, 2012

ahoy hoy!

Been busy with school and such, so quick update:

1) School is great. It’s intense, but interesting. Lots of long breaks throughout the day between classes, so I have time to sit, relax, and eat.

2) Energy level is just….crazy! I didn’t really realize what a dramatic change there has been until I got back to school. I can make it through a full day lugging that heavy bag on my back all day, taking the stairs (YES! no chair, no cane!), walking to restaurants for meals, etc. and still have the energy to do homework and chores when I get home. My energy level is finally that of a normal, healthy person. Incredible.

3) Spasms, TN attacks, and pins and needles: spasms are worst in the evening, especially in my abdomen and legs. Pins and needles in my feet get extremely intense and incredibly painful. Comes on when I’m tired or really warm. Had a wave of TN attacks that lasted a few days that is slowing down now.

4) Gabapentin. I’m taking my first dose of it right now πŸ™‚ I’ll be taking 100mg two times a day, then increasing to 100mg three times a day, then potentially changing again to 200mg twice a day. Will be seeing Dr. Fabulous again in roughly 2 weeks time to discuss the effectiveness, dosage, and side effects. Hoping for few side effects and good results *fingers crossed*. I’ll be tracking the effects of it closely.

I also bought a pain management app which I will be trying out for a week or two before posting a review and link for it.


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  1. Glad your on your feet and full of energy! My main and pins and needles comes around at night as well, must be just because I am tired.

    I had the dame dose set up for my Gabapentin but since I KNOW there is NO WAY I can remember the mid day dose I just take 100 in the AM and 100 in the PM, I feel fine where I am at right now so no use in changing it, will last longer anyways haha!

  2. Hey Matt! Hope you’re doing well πŸ™‚
    haha, ya, once the pins come on and the spasms start coming faster and harder, I know it’s time to get to bed πŸ˜›
    Oooh, 200mg daily controls it for you? Nice! I’m hoping 200mg per day will be enough, but if I have to go up to 300mg or 400mg daily I won’t be bothered too much by it since I only pay about $5 per bottle πŸ˜› If I go up to 400mg, the doctor suggested just doing it in 2 doses because it would be easier that way πŸ˜› Do you remember how long you were on it for before it started to relieve pain?

    I was really really concerned about it causing wicked fatigue but….I dunno. With the tegretol, if I was going to get a high from it it was full force half hour to an hour after taking it. It’s been about half an hour now and I feel fairly fine. A little bit tired, but it was a long day and I didn’t get enough sleep last night. Mouth is a little bit dry I suppose but nowhere near as bad as it was with flexeril. So far, so good!

  3. OK I feel dumb because I never confirmed to follow this post so I was like “why did she never reply?” haha. Anyways, I was mistaken in my tping, I was taking 600mg a day and was supposed to take 900mg. one pill in the morning, one at noon, and one at night but i just did AM and PM. Now I am just taking the one pill (300mg) in the morning.

    If I had to guess I would say about after a week I started noticing a difference. Now I am trying to get off it to see if I notice anything.

    Getting a good amount of sleep seemed to have helped a bit too, I make sure I take clonazepam to be sure my mid clears up and then I listen to classical music or TV till I fall asleep. Computer timer is set for 1 hour til shutdown then I have a small water fountain that gives my brain a little something to listen to at night or else i keep waking up. Nice to wake up to and if you have issue going to the bathroom it can help in the morning hahaha!

  4. ya, sleep is a good idea…this weekend I need to write out a really strict schedule for study tiimes and whatnot so I don’t end up staying up late reading and get to bed at a decent hour.
    Haha, I like the waterfall idea (there’s a site that plays a thunderstorm track, and its unbelievably relaxing).If I can remember the url….. there it is:
    I need to be more careful about what I listen to before bed. Lately I’ve been listening to The Misfits before bed and that just wakes me up and makes me want to stay up all night watching old horror movies πŸ˜›

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