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January 3, 2012

It’s aliiiiiiiiiive! Been a long time since I’ve posted.

Things are improving fairly well. Back on my feet, without a cane. Still get a few wobbly, awkward spells and dizziness if I push things too hard, but it’s good to be walking again. When I just get going in the morning I actually look normal for quite a while. Still getting lots of pins and needles, buzzing sensation in my legs, plenty of deep twitching but not full on spasms and locked up muscles. Short term memory has perked up quite a bit, probably because I’m not so distracted by pain and exhaustion, which is a huge bonus since I’ll be heading back for another semester very soon. This holiday couldn’t have come at a better time, definitely needed it. The cold is helping a lot too. When my legs start getting really sore I just go outside for a while and sit down on a nice, ice-cold, snow covered lawn chair and all is well.

Appointment with Dr. Kickass went pretty well, though I was still in kind of rough shape. Used the cane to get to her office, did some tests like *snort* “running” and “jumping” (she had to hold my hand while I did it and I still damn near fell over, it didn’t work out well, couldn’t hop on my left foot, running was more like dragging left foot while trying to hop really fast on my right foot without falling), smacked myself between the eyes when trying to touch the tip of my nose with my left hand, but could do it just fine with the right. Got the OK to try 3 different meds, so I’ll be seeing Dr. Fabulous soon to get started on gabapentin (if that fails, I can try the other two). Things appear to be the same in terms of intactness of my nervous system, so that’s a huge relief. She ordered an EMG, which is getting done in a few months. Not really looking forward to that, expecting it to hurt, but if it gets answers, then it’s gotta get done. Will be an interesting experience, I’m sure.

Not getting as stressed out about school. Not sure why, but it’s just not bothering me as much now. Maybe I just needed to actually pass all my first semester classes before I could calm the hell down. Plenty to start stressing about, like my loan coming in late (which won’t affect school itself since I’ve paid all the fees already, but means I’ll be late on some bills), a lecture scheduled in a classroom that doesn’t exist (huh?), and not having half my books for the first month or so because of the loan thing, but I dunno…*shrug* it’ll get done, I’ll get through it. Already psychotically organized, so I’m feeling much more prepared.


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