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Having a little whine

December 14, 2011

Have some time to kill before I leave for an exam so I figured I’d pop in and whine.

I had a hug all night in the left side of my chest and stomach. It’s calmed down and is just in my stomach now (every now and then I get a wicked spasm that is visible). It’s making me feel like I’m going to throw up. I normally eat a big breakfast before a test, but that’s not going to happen today. My ribs are on fire too, stupid red hot pins and needles feeling again, from my ribs up into my left shoulder. Burning spots along my spine are back in the same spots as last time. Legs are really sore, but not as many spasms. I’m really tempted to try walking today with the cane. I have a long wait before my exam though, and I have to pick up a big, fat textbook beforehand though so I know it’s probably not a good idea. Knowing me though I’ll probably attempt it anyway. We’ll see how that works out. Have the usual daily symptoms as well like numbness and whatnot, but I’ve kind of gotten used to those so they aren’t getting to me like the hug is.

I’m not anxious about the exam. Before my lab grades were fixed, passing or failing this class relied solely on my exam. Now that the mess with my grades has been sorted out, I know I’m going to pass. I reviewed everything last night and I’m feeling confident about the content. My only concern lies in distraction in the form of symptoms. I’m trying to keep the appointment with the neurologist out of my mind, but it’s hard. I’m really worried about that appointment, even though there really is no reason to be. The worst that can happen is things stay just as they are now, and as things are now I’m managing. That’s if nothing changes with the TN mind you. If that gets worse and there is no change in my medication then I’m kinda screwed. A bit worried about being late to the appointment as well. The person that is driving me there isn’t known for being on-time or early, and I’m expecting traffic to be horrible considering how close it is to Christmas.

The semester flew by, but now that I have no classes left and only exams, things are dragging on. I kinda wish everything would just get jammed into one day instead of having to go back every weekday for the rest of the week to write 1 exam per day. I’m really tempted to go lay down for a bit since I got up much early than was necessary, but I know if I do that I’ll end up sleeping the entire day. I can’t wait until the weekend so I can just stay in my PJs and relax for a few days.


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