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December 4, 2011

The hug is back. Not as bad as it was before but enough to make it uncomfortable and borderline painful to take a deep breath.  My face started going numb and now it feels like something is pressing on my face. No shocks of pain yet though and I’ve already taken my tegretol today, so hopefully a full on TN attack doesn’t come. Really really really hope I get switched over to gabapentin this month cause the tegretol isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Havings lots of problems with coordination and heaviness in my arms, and he spasms in my legs (especially behind my knees) are getting stronger. Really hoping I can start betaseron or some other DMD (though I’d prefer betaseron) soon. Really intense headaches keep coming and going all day. Hope tomorrow is better, it’s going to be a very long day.


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  1. Oh no! Not the hug! Hope it passes ASAP! Man I am getting ready to start the Gabapentin, so much pain activity throughout the day! On and off on and off. But Im still in that stage where I think I can manage it on my own because I just don’t want to be taking 1000 pills a day. or 8….

    Oh and that was one weird vid lol!

    • ya im hoping its gone tomorrow morning. gotta do some public speaking, and thats not easy when you cant breath properly. I’d rather be popping a pill then being all spazzy and in pain all the time. Weird vid…? oh the comments?! wtf was that about!? lol. Blocked them, I dunno if they can still comment and I just can’t see it or what but wow, some people need to chill the fuck out.

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