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November 30, 2011

Something I did not think about and no one warned me about when it comes to life in a wheelchair: static.

I don’t know why this didn’t dawn on me. What happens when you drag your feet around the carpet then touch something metal? You get a shock. Well, I’m rolling around all day just building up a charge. When I go to press the button for the elevator, ZAP! And it’s a big one too, hurts like hell. I’m really tempted to get those strips that people hang off the back of their car to ground it and stick it on the chair, it’s that bad. I end up looking like Einstein most of the day cause the charge makes my hair go so bloody crazy. I’ve got a bit of a mean sense of humour though so I’m going to have to zap a few people, just for fun 😛 Besides the strips though, I’m really not sure how to prevent the charge from building up so much throughout the day. If anyone has any ideas, please share cause it’s driving me nuts.

What else….not much to say really. No improvements, but decline. Still feeling much more energetic at the end of the day, so the chair is really helping a lot. I’m going to have to abandon it in the lab though. It’s just too hard to get around in the chair, and everything is too high up. I’m not entirely sure how good of an idea that is though considering how wobbly I am when I walk, even with the cane, and how many chemicals and whatnot I’m surrounded by in here. I’ll find out I guess.


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