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November 28, 2011

It’s raining. Today is the first time taking the chair outdoors. I’m nervous about slippery pavement now because of the rain. As long as I don’t slip and swerve infront of a car or something it’s fine I guess. We’ll see how that goes.

Local Hospital called yesterday, which really caught me off guard. At first I thought maybe they finally got off their asses and settled the whole mess with the ultrasound (still haven’t had that done yet, geez), but no! It was about that trip to the ER I had in August for severe abdominal pain, confusion, and that “rash” on my leg that went away. The ER doc was pretty sure it was henoch-schonlein purpura, but referred me to an internist to make sure. The call yesterday was just to tell me that the internist I was referred to scribbled a note in my file saying “I won’t see this patient”. Seriously. W.T.F. The guy that called said it was probably because the internist is going on holidays. I’ve never seen or even heard of this doctor before, and I’m kinda glad that I’m not going to be seeing them. I declined to try to reschedule with another doctor because it’s been so long since I was referred that I had completely forgotten about it and the rash had went away on its own. Apparently if it comes back I’m supposed to go back o the ER so this mess can start all over again. Ya. No, not gonna happen. I’m not gonna spend another 3-4 months waiting for a referral that won’t happen. Surprise surprise, I found another patch of the exact same rash on my lower right leg last night and have been having stomach pain on and off for the past few days. If it is HSP from a viral infection, it makes sense since I just got over that nasty cold not long ago. Oh well, it’ll just go away on its own again. If not, or if it gets worse or I get pain in the kidney region, then I’ll see my family doctor about it.

Got really tired all of a sudden yesterday afternoon. Kept trying to force myself to stay away and get some work done, but it didn’t work. I just couldn’t focus at all. Sucks, because I wanted to get everything done yesterday but at least nothing is due today. I hate doing things last minute, but that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing so far this semester. That has to stop.

Getting a lot more red hot pins and needles in my legs and occasionally arms, the usual spasms, twitching, and spasticity (the spasticity mainly being in my feet). Started to get some sensation back in my fingertips yesterday, which is surprising. The palmer surface of my hands have had numbness for so long I was starting to think it was permanent. But, when I grabbed my cup of coffee yesterday morning it actually felt really hot, but when I switched it to the other hand, I could barely feel it. It’s really weird holding a cup in both hands and only have it feel hot on one hand. Had a few little flashes of light here and there for the past few days, again just in my peripheral vision in a dark environment. I haven’t noticed much change in my vision besides that. Thankful every time I wake up and can see everything instead of having a big black spot in my peripheral vision again. Been getting the itchys again and it’s driving me nuts. Some headaches here and there but nothing a hefty dose of ibuprofen can’t take care of.

Hoping my ride picks me up early enough today to allow for a bit of time to get the chair out of the car, unfolded, and to get my bookbag on the back of it. Want to get there a bit earlier than usual as well to make sure my key for the elevator works. I usually sit and relax for a bit in the morning in a covered outdoor area if I have time, but the doors to that area do not have a handicap button so I’m going to have to find somewhere else quiet to relax.


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  1. softballmel permalink

    I’m gonna sound really stupid here, but you have light flashes in a dark room as well? I’ve had that on and off the past couple of months when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep staring around. I seriously thought it was blinking light from somewhere in my room reflecting off the light fitting, but I have turned my room upside down so many times to find nothing that would cause it. I seriously had no explanation for it (and promptly forgot about it until I was catching up here). It makes sense if its related right?

    • I do have flashes of light in a dark room. It started out only in dark rooms then progressed into lighter environments :/ I keep thinking its my phone or something, despite the flashes being white and the light on my phone being red for some reason, so I’m constantly checking my phone.

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