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November 24, 2011

So apparently my parents got bored today and went out and rented the wheelchair early. I took it for a little spin around the house. It’ll take some getting used to.

Psychologically it hasn’t sunk in yet. I think probably because I’ve played around with wheelchairs before. Once I take it to school or out in public for the first time, that’s when it’ll hit me. It’s just reinforced that my left side is still badly affected, and not just my leg. I tried to go in a straight line and I ended up swerving around because I was pushing harder with my right hand. Left arm is still weaker than I thought it wasn’t (I hadn’t noticed it much since I’m right handed). I can’t use it at school yet (not until I get the key for a specific elevator), not until Tuesday or maybe Monday. I dunno what else to say about that since it’s not an issue for me right now.

It was a long day and I’m really tired. I rocked my debate, should get my grade for that on Monday, but I know I did pretty well. It got a bit heated from the audience but I stayed perfectly calm and professional so I’m happy with that. Ran into an old friend from the first responder days and they are still up for practicing injections on me when the time comes (which is a huge bonus because I’m going to need help doing my arms and she needs practice for nursing school).

Tomorrow is the mediation about that complaint. I can bring someone with me, and I’m thinking of bringing a classmate that witnessed everything. I’m expecting the bitch to bring someone with her so I might as well bring someone too. It makes the most sense to bring that one person with me since they did witness it all and they do get why it was so unbelievably stupid and intolerant of the bitch to say what she did, but I kinda wish I could bring one of my boys, even though they didn’t witness it, just because of how supportive they are of me. At least I’ll have time to have lunch before the meeting.

Had a meeting with my teacher today about that one class I’m doing badly in and it turns out a bunch of assignments were never entered into the system, so I was automatically given zeroes. Really not happy about that, because now if I can’t hunt down the originals with the grades written on them, I stay at zeroes for those. Lesson to students: KEEP EVERYTHING, and keep it organized.  It looks like that’s happened to a few other students as well, just not to the severity of my case. At least now though I don’t feel so stupid.

I’m just really looking forward to my break between semesters. It’ll do my health a world of good to be able to sleep normal hours, get organized, and relax. I’m going to start out next semester in much better shape because now I’ve seen how badly being disorganized affects my grades. I’ve also learned a lot about changes that have happened in my learning style as well. I figured out recently that I just can’t remember formulas anymore, even if I use mnemonics. So my solution (which has worked quite well for me) is to use symbols instead, even if they make no sense to anyone else. So say, for -b, I remember it as a butterfly flying away. For b squared, I picture a butterfly with it’s wings fully expanded, showing both the top portion and the bottom portion of the wings (resulting in what looks like 4 wings). It makes sense to me, so why not? I’ve never been much of a visual learner like that, normally reading it on my own is what does it for me, but not anymore for certain things. It’ll make studying for my math final and last chem test much easier. Maybe all those changes in my learning style goes to show how much my brain has changed over the past few years.

Anyway, I gotta go do some homework. So, to the students reading this: if you’re struggling with a certain subject, instead of trying to hammer it into your brain over and over and over again in the same way, try something different. You’ll never know what method will make it stick until you try it out.


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