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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

November 23, 2011

Yay snow! Kind of.

I LOOOOVE winter and I love snow, but I’m a bit concerned this year. I have no idea how I’m going to keep the driveway clear if my legs don’t smarten up. I’m worried about slipping and falling with the cane. I’m wondering how I’m going to stop snow from sticking to the wheels of the chair. I hate hermitting away inside during the winter,  I don’t want to be stuck indoors this year. Going for “walks” is going to be out of the question though if I can’t figure out the snow on the wheels thing. Roads here aren’t plowed bare, it’s more like smoothed out (at least it fills in the potholes).  I’ll figure it out as I go along I suppose. If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep snow off the tires, please let me know.

Light day today with a very long break, so I’ll have time to talk to one of my teachers. She emailed me back and wants to set up appointments with me to go over some of the content. Will have to talk to them after my first class to see if she has free time during my break today. If not, then I’ll have free time to go over some things on my own. I won’t be surprised if a lot of people miss today because of the weather.


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  1. softballmel permalink

    Glad to hear your teacher is offering you some support. Oh so jealous of your snowing winter right now. Our weekend is due to be 35C again (oh yay) and I’ve never seen snow. One day I’ll go and find some somewhere.

    • I couldn’t imagine life without snow. It was around 40C in the summer here and that was way too much, I don’t know how you handle it. The snow is beautiful and I love the cold, but it definitely presents its own set of challenges. Love that teacher, she’s really sweet and really good (though better when it comes to teaching one on one). Just have to set up some time with her soon and it’s all good.

  2. softballmel permalink

    Yeah this year summer is going to suck! At least I have a decent air conditioner but my parents don’t back home and I’m heading home for Christmas (well depending on neuro review on 20th) and my hometown is always hotter than over here (talking 45C or higher consistently across summer). Its gonna be a struggle but having not seen them for the majority of this process I really need the time out. I may however go and disappear into the unheated local swimming pool which is handily located just over the back fence =)

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