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November 22, 2011

Writing it all definitely helped.

I’m still not 100% and there is still a lot to be stressed about, but it’s not as bad. I’m feeling a bit more ready to take things on instead of just wanting to give up.

There were 3 things I was completely stumped in that I mastered last night (well, ok 1 that I definitely mastered, we’ll see about the rest of them). I have a test today, and I’ve been lead to believe the main part of the test is going to be on that one thing that I mastered. Turns out  I was screwing up something unbelievably stupid (it was a calculator problem, that’s all. I was doing the equation properly the whole time. If I had done it by hand, I would have been right all along). Finding that one silly little mistake pissed me off a little bit at first, but I’m feeling good about it now. If I screwed all that up with one silly little mistake, what other silly little mistakes am I making and just not seeing? Going over my last test with my teacher will help find those little mistakes so I can fix them in the future. I’m still not sure if I can pass that one class, but with so little time left the least I can do is keep trying. My other classes have let up significantly, so I can focus a lot more on that one I’m not doing well in.

I’m ready for that test today. There is one thing on the test I still have no idea how to do, but I know enough now and am confident enough now to know I can pass it. Once I get home today, I’m just going to focus on that one course, study my ass off, and do something to relax for a while.

Physically, it’s like the way it usually is. Feeling not so stiff after the morning stretches, but lots of twitches and spasms everywhere (including my stomach, that’s fun). I still feel weak since I didn’t really eat anything yesterday after all the throwing up, so I’m going to try to have a big dinner tonight (stomach isn’t quite as sore today). Lots of numbness, l’hermittes is painful like crazy, and my back and shoulders are already sore so the bookbag isn’t going to help. Could definitely use some more sleep, so I’m planning on going to bed early enough to catch up on that tonight. We’ll see how much changes by the end of the day. My left index finger is doing a little dance so that’s making it a bit tricky to type. Right arm is really killing me from using that damn cane all the time. Hopefully will have the chair next week.

Finding out more today about what is going to be done to that ignorant little twit hopefully. I was supposed to have a meeting about it yesterday but I was too sick and tired after being up all night puking. Fingers crossed.


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