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Change of plans

November 9, 2011

Ok, so I saw my GP, Dr. Fab, today. Last time I went, she put me on a trial of flexeril which didn’t work for my spasms and gave me absolutely no benefit and just side effects. I went back today to let her know that it didn’t work and to hopefully get a prescription for either baclofen or possibly gabapentin. All does not go as planned.

I’m very lucky to have a GP that really listens to what I say, how I say it, and actually considers my input. I’ve mentioned this before, but I definitely do not feel like Dr. Fab is up on some pedestal barking orders down at me. She does not tell me “you shouldn’t have done that”, instead she asks “why did you do that? here’s why I feel you shouldn’t have”. Excellent doctor. So, I felt comfortable bringing up the possibility of certain medications instead of just hoping that she would prescribe something. She emphasized that she thinks I could benefit from gabapentin given the amount and types of neurological problems I have (including my muscle problems), but because OTC meds and flexeril do not work on my muscle problems and all my bloodwork has always been normal, that strongly points towards a neurological cause. Since she’s not a neurologist, I have one, and I have an appointment booked already, she did not feel comfortable writing a prescription for gabapentin without getting the neurologist’s opinion first. That’s completely understandable in my books. While it sucks for me, it makes sense and I agree with her. A bit upsetting of course, since my appointment is not until shortly before Christmas and I’m worried about the spasms getting worse and being unable to walk, but I do agree with her. Blood pressure, heart rate, and lungs are all good. She checked my reflexes again and that’s where it got fun.

Normally she just whacks my knee with her stethescope. She tried both knees twice with it and absolutely nothing outside of the involuntary movement I have normally in my left leg. She walked out saying “that’s it, I’m getting the hammer”, then came back in and checked both legs again repeatedly with a reflex hammer. Absolutely no knee-jerk reflex still. She apologized repeatedly  for not being able to help me with a prescription, but told me to make sure I’m on Dr. Kickass’ cancellation list, to tell her I was having neurological problems that are causing disruptions in my daily life, and if I was near the bottom of the list to call her secretary and Dr. Fab’s office will call Dr. Kickass for me to try to get me bumped higher up on the cancellation list. She wasn’t pleased when she asked if I had my second MRI yet (still not appointment).

Speaking of the second MRI…. apparently while I was in school today my mother called the hospital to inquire about the status of my MRI. I’m not really pleased that she did this, and I’m really not pleased that they actually gave her information (ya, she’s my mom, but for all they know we could be estranged and I could want nothing to do with her. I’m an adult, my medical information is mine, not hers). Anyway, before I get off on a rant I’ll just get to the point. They did get my requisition, and the wait times are longer than I had thought. So, it won’t be until January or February when I get it done. The only way to get it done faster is if Dr. Kickass calls them with new information and asks that it be done sooner. By the time I see Dr. Kickass if I end up having to stick with the appointment I have booked now, my MRI will probably already be booked so that’s kinda useless.

What else….I’m going to make an appointment with the disability counselor at school since I need my neurologist to sign that form, but won’t be seeing that doc until after the school’s audit which could present problems for the counselor. Also want to talk to her about the mobility problems I’ve been having and the concern I have about it potentially worsening. I’m going to try getting in touch with my local MS Society chapter to see if they can help me in some way. I’m really not sure if they can since I don’t have a definite diagnosis yet, but what I’m really hoping for is some sort of exercise class for people with mobility and balance problems. I don’t know if we have that here, but it would be nice. If we do have it here, I’m really not sure if I’d be allowed to take it. Who knows, it doesn’t hurt to ask though right?


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