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Resting up

November 6, 2011

I’m giving my body a bit of a break right now. I just walked through a field with my cane and got overheated in a crowded enclosed area. Why? Because it was an MS fundraiser. I’m so glad I went.

I cannot believe how many people showed up. I went shortly after the event started and already they were running out of parking (thus the walking through a field). Everyone there from the MS society and all the vendors that were there raising money had these name tags on that had a little blurb on it about how we can end MS. I’m so touched. I started to tear up a little bit (and am right now). I still cannot believe how many people there were. Everyone was laughing and smiling and having a  great time, and it was wonderful. The hope and happiness there was palpable. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was lovely, and there were so many people with canes and walkers! It was so nice to not feel odd and out of place because of my cane. As soon as we pulled in and saw the parking attendant starting to panic because they were running out of parking spots, I could not get the smile off my face.

While I have an amazing, wonderful support system online full of kickass MSers, I do not know anyone in my area with it really. I’ve met one person face to face that has MS, and they were a patient of mine and much older than me. That’s it. When I’m away from the computer or my phone and can’t interact with my MSers, it’s an extremely lonely feeling. Ever hear the expression alone in a crowd? Ya, that’s it. To be in a place full of people that I can see and talk to and interact with in person, and know that all those people are there because they want to help put an end to the horrible beast that is MS….I can’t even begin to express the joy.

My body may be a bit worn out and spazzy from all the activity and heat, but I feel so energized right now. I was dreading my to-do list this morning before I went to the fundraiser, but now I’m ready to tackle it after I put in some TLC for my legs. Absolutely amazed, I’ll never forget that feeling. So unbelievably happy.


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