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November 3, 2011

I’m so sore right now. Spasms have been bad. Can’t feel my left foot and up to about midway up my lower leg, but I can still feel the spasms in my thigh, and it’s gotten into my right leg now too. Had a wicked spasms yesterday and ended up with a pulled groin. I’m not sure if I was having spasms high up in my back while I was asleep but it sure feels like it. Shoulders are killing me….ahh….ok must be that because my left shoulder just tensed and locked. Wonderful. Keep getting spasms in my lower back that make my whole trunk shake so I’m constantly moving around. My left foot has been acting particularly odd. This is what it was doing yesterday morning, just thankful for the numbness or it would have hurt like crazy (all the movement in this video is involuntary):

As for that wound on the top of my foot, I’m not entirely sure how I got it. I think I probably scraped my foot on my bedframe, that’s the theory that makes the most sense. Hands are starting to get a little bit shaky. Not sure if that’s a tremor or if its more just shaking from pain. All round my ribs on the left side are so tensed up and sore it feels like a massive bruise being pressing on really hard. I get a strong spasm every now and then dead center of my stomach. It’s killing my appetite a bit. Going to have to get to a grocery store and get more meal replacement drinks and something that’s easy to cook. Overall, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. TN attacks have been slowing down though thankfully. I don’t really get this. The cold that seems to have triggered all this is just about gone. Why am I not getting better yet? Good things come to those who wait I guess…I’m exhausted all the time from the spasms eating up so much of my energy, and it takes a lot of focus to get around. I can get around the house without my cane now, though I’m wobbly from the leg spasms. I’m kinda scared to go out without the cane though. Worried about falling. Staying coordinated and upright with the spasms and the cane is a challenge. I’ve been mainly just resting the past few days but I have to get into some exercise. I’m going to do some stretches once I’m done this, have a cold shower to help with the spasms, then walk to the store (since I ran out of cream for my coffee). I’m overall back on soy milk now, but I won’t drink it in my morning coffee. That’s…I dunno I guess it’s kinda like a treat, having cream in my coffee, and as pathetic as it sounds it helps motivate me out of bed.

I’m looking forward to next week so much. I can’t wait to go see Dr. Fab again and hopefully go on baclofen. I’m really optimistic that it will help tame the spasms. It’s such a relief to finally be able to get medication for some of these symptoms. I was a bit concerned about starting a new medication (I always do) so I was doing some reading on it last night. No risk of addiction and no development of tolerance? Fantastic! and from all I can find no interactions with tegretol. Sweet! Also read that when flexeril fails to work, it’s not uncommon to try baclofen next. Hallelujah! The withdrawl symptoms sound horrifying but that can be avoided by tapering off it when necessary. If I end up going on baclofen like I hope I’ll be having a long conversation with my pharmacist about how to taper off it properly.

I’m missing a class this morning, but have to hand something in and do some lab stuff this afternoon. I’m really hoping I don’t spill anything or something like that. Just going to have to be extra careful.

Going to go over my schedule tonight and plot everything out very carefully. I’m short on spoons lately, so everything has to be very carefully planned so I don’t burn out before I get everything done on time.


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