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November 1, 2011

That’s what naps are. Absolutely wonderful. Got hold of Dr Fab before lab, I go in next week to talk about how the flexeril went (or rather didn’t go) and hopefully start *drum roll* BACLOFEN! The spasms and twitching have spread upward for sure. Stupid hug…plus I keep getting twitches in my stomach (started in the left side, it’s now left side and middle). It doesn’t hurt but ugh, it’s really annoying, distracting, and when they get really strong I feel nauseated. Keeps coming and going, covering more and more area. I still feel absolutely weak all over. Lots of squeezing everywhere, tingling, pins and needles, and it feels like the muscles in my thighs are being cut open and pulled apart. My arms are killing me and I know now for sure it’s not from relying on my cane so much lately because it’s in both arms. Lifting up my hands to put my hair up is exhausting. Arms feel so heavy. The shock of pain down my back and neck when I look down is much more intense and shoots down to my right foot now. I imagine I’d be able to feel it in my left foot as well if I could feel my left foot, but it’s pretty much entirely numb right now. The tingling is driving me crazy right now, I want to scratch my skin off. Have had two TN auras today but so far no full blown attacks. Oddly enough, it’s actually getting easier to go to the bathroom sometimes. I don’t have to press on my stomach all the time now, though I still don’t get the normal urge to go until it’s urgent.

Still though I’m a bit more chipper than I was earlier. Had a good nap when I got home after sitting in a massage chair for about 2 hours. I love that thing so much. My legs were so sore just from getting around the school, the massage really helped. The nap was wonderful. I left the windows open when I was away so it was nice and cold in my room. Got all snuggled up and just drifted off into a nice blissful sleep. Even woke up before my alarm went off. It was very restful but I’m feeling tired again already (I’ve only been up for a few hours since). I’m finishing up an assignment now, then taking a sleeping pill to get even more sleep. I can sleep in way late tomorrow (thank god) so that should help…I have to do my presentation tomorrow. If I can time things just right and get some little tasks for the morning done tonight (like getting breakfast ready ahead of time, washing my hair, that sort of thing) I should be fairly alert by the time I have to speak. Have to take advantage of those few hours of energy I have just after waking up. I’ll probably be right back in bed as soon as I’m done that though, which I don’t mind one bit. House is a wreck AGAIN but that always seems to happen….just don’t have the energy and too much pain by the end of the day on a weekday to clean. Saturday is for rest, Sunday is for cleaning.

Something funny happened this morning that I forgot to mention: I lost my toothbrush. I have no idea where it went. I only brush my teeth in the bathroom or when I’m really bad, my bedroom. I know it was in it’s usual spot last night, no idea where I put it when I was done. I’m expecting to find it some place really weird like the freezer or something.

Ok, enough rambling for today. Have a good night.


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