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There will be blood

October 25, 2011

So I cut my knuckle open today somehow. I didn’t notice until I was in my last class. The people sitting around me saw the blood all over my hand, and one made a comment about how it was weird that I didn’t notice it at all. I did not feel a thing. I just kinda nodded and grinned and went “ya, weird huh?!” *facepalm*. It’s not bleeding anymore and it’ll heal up just fine, that’s all that matters. There is no way I’ll ever figure out how it happened. Good thing I had some tissues in my purse.

Looking forward to tomorrow. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to a class and I kinda miss it. I’m going to be helping someone out with something we went over in one of our classes that is kinda vague and confusing, so that’ll be nice too. Man I really miss teaching. Oh well, will get back there someday hopefully! Found what I think is a perfect outfit for my presentation so now all I have to do is write up my little flowchart and cue cards and I’ll be all set (that will only take a few minutes). Got a perfect grade on a math assignment so I’ll all proud and beaming and confident from that. As much as I am looking forward to tomorrow, I have a few worries about it.

I’m worried that I will: a) trip over my own feet and fall b) completely mess up my words and say something that doesn’t make sense and not notice it (if I notice it that’s fine I can just roll with it) c) completely space out and not remember what I’m doing. I’m not overly worried about C happening since I’m feeling surprisingly energetic and I usually only get lost in a conversation when I’m fatigued. A I could actually work into my presentation in a really odd attention grabbing way since it’s kinda related to my topic (as long as I don’t really hurt myself and belt out a curse word, oops). B…I’m just going to have to watch the faces of the people that are actually paying attention and see if they look confused.

Best part of tomorrow: GIRL’S NIGHT! Unfortunately last girl’s night for a while since one of us is moving away, but that just means we’ll have to have more fun than usual to make up for that. I’m going to be dead tired on Thursday but it’ll be worth it. I’m officially finished with the flexeril. I had the WORST indigestion I’ve ever had because of it the other night. It felt like a knife, I could barely breathe. I had to drink some baking soda and water to get rid of it (which tastes HORRIBLE but it works incredibly fast). I will be booking an appointment with Dr. Fab tomorrow to get that hopefully switched to baclofen. What else was there….I think that’s it. Time for homework, have a good night!


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