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Spoke too soon

October 24, 2011

It’s baaaaack.
The tremor that is. Legs are tingling like CRAZY and it just gets worse when I look down. The pins and needles makes me want to take a cheese grater to my skin. Took the flexeril last night before bed like I’m supposed to. Didn’t help with the spasms at all, infact they got worse (started getting them in my arms and higher up in my legs as well). Not quite sure what to do right now. I have to do a presentation on Wednesday. I have to appear calm, professional, all that good stuff. Don’t mind public speaking anymore, but I know the tremor will be misinterpreted as nervousness rather than physiological. Left hand is definitely worse than my right. Best friend since childhood is leaving at the end of the week. I knew she’d be moving but I wasn’t expecting it to be for a few months. Over all it’s just not shaping up to be a good day. I’m starting to get that squeezing sensation in my legs. I hope it either stays as is or goes away. I’m going to be pissed if I have to do my presentation with my cane. At least I have a debate to look forward to today (on stem cell research nonetheless, haha). If I have time after class today or tomorrow I have to hunt down a shirt for my presentation and some plastic bowls and cups and whatnot. Don’t want to end up dropping more glassware (found a piece of glass embedded in one of my knuckles over the weekend and have no idea how it got there). It’s going to be a very long day. I hate mondays. Classes go on forever, I don’t get home until supper time and I end up just really cranky throughout my last class. I’m already a bit miffed at that teacher so that’s just going to make things worse.


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