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Study break

October 22, 2011

I have to write a quiz online today for one of my classes, just studied up a wee bit for it (read: put sticky notes all over my textbook so I can quick to the needed sections fast, since it’s timed). Figured I would take a little break, have a snack, and update the blog.

I’m not crazy about this flexeril. Took it last night for the first time and slept like the dead. It knocked me out really quickly and I felt kinda groggy this morning. So far it’s given me dry-mouth, metallic taste in my mouth, drowsiness, and no spasm relieve. Look up a bit more on it today and surprise, it does not relieve spasms stemming from spinal cord disease *sigh*. I must have been sleeping with my mouth wide open all night because my jaw hurt like crazy when I woke up (I couldn’t breathe through my nose because I was too stuffed up). I feel a lot more numb than usual but I’m not sure why. I can’t feel my lips, parts of the backs of my hands, etc. I’ve been getting more pins and needles in my feet. I noticed last night that I keep getting goosebumps on my legs now when I get tingles, and I’m randomly getting goosebumps up one arm as well, though I don’t feel anything at all. Really weird. Getting some patches of that wet sensation here and there, mainly my left arm and my neck. My legs got really tensed up before bed last night, but they’re a bit more relaxed today. Could be because I got such an insane amount of deep sleep last night. Could be the flexeril, who knows (I’m still getting the same amount of spasms and twitching though). I dunno. I’ll go see my doctor again when the trial is up (though I don’t think I’ll be taking it during the day, the drowsiness is too much). I will not be staying on it after the week is done. I’m going to ask her about either baclofen or gabapentin. Not entirely sure how I’m going to bring up making a suggestion, I’ve never done that before. Don’t want to seem pushy or seem like I think I know better than her because well, I don’t. She’s a great doctor, and I’m unbelievably thankful that she’s even trying to find medications that will help me.

I’ve changed my cough syrup and started using a saline nasal rinse spray and it’s helping a lot. I can actually breathe through my nose right now, it’s great. I’m still coughing up stuff and whatnot but it’s thinning out a lot now. Once I get this quiz done, I’m just going to spend the rest of the weekend studying math and chemistry. Having a nerd weekend. Geez, I barely have a social life anymore. Just school, go home and study, work, study some more, sleep, back to school, etc. I need to get out sometime soon. Looks like we’ll be going to Hellhole MRI on Friday once I’m done classes. It will be nice to get out of town for a day, even if it’s to go fetch my MRI images.


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