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October 21, 2011

Looks like schedules got mixed up, and the trip to Hellhole MRI has to be done sometime during the week instead of tomorrow. I’ll try to work it out so I don’t miss any classes, but odds are I will have to miss at least 1. What can you do, eh?

I slept in through my alarm today. Woke up half an hour before my ride to school got here, and half an hour is just not enough time to get ready in this state. I had packed up all my books and everything last night, so I just needed to shower and get dressed, but I’m at the point where I need around an hour to do just that (and that’s without putting on any makeup and just putting my hair in a ponytail). I was up too late last night finishing up my assignments, but I got them done and from what I can remember of them I should get a fairly decent grade. Classes went alright, they were short so it was all over fairly quickly.

I feel so horrible today. I just can’t get warm, I know part of that is the weather and part is this cold I have. It’s been really damp and cold lately (cold enough that I’ve broken out my scarf, gloves, and jacket and am already moving up to my winter coat). I can’t stop coughing. My throat is killing me (no white spots in my throat though), my nose will not stop running today, I feel like I’ve snorted 20 pounds of dust. Sneezing constantly, aching all over, and my legs are getting worse. I came extremely close to using my cane today, but my stubbornness wouldn’t let me. I dragged myself up 3 flights of stairs with the handrail and managed to get back down them without falling somehow. Not as many spasms today in my legs but they are more tensed up all the time now. Getting up the stairs was hard. I could not fully straighten out my left leg. Even though the muscles are really tight, when I put my weight down on that leg it feels weak, like it just can’t support me (plus my left foot has been curling inward again so I’m walking on the outer edge of that foot). My right leg is killing me, and the left leg is starting to get sore around the top of my thigh. Good thing I start the medication for muscle spasms tonight. The one place I seem to still be getting spasms is in the arch of my right foot (the most painful spot, ugh). I’ve lost my balance a few times today because of my legs and some random intense spells of vertigo. I’m really hoping the vertigo is related to how blocked up my ears get when I’m sick. I cannot stand vertigo, I hate it hate it hate it. Haven’t fallen yet though!

I’m so absolutely drained. I have no energy, all I want to do is sleep for a few weeks. I’m assuming that is mainly the cold. It’s going to be a hard weekend. I have to go out and find an outfit to wear for a presentation, and I really hate shopping. Especially since I’m not really sure what I’m looking for, that just means even more walking around stores and I’m just not in the condition to be doing lots of extra walking around. The house is an absolute mess and I need to get it cleaned up for the sake of my sanity (would be helpful to give everything a good go over with a disinfectant as well). Have a few assignments and such to do as well over the weekend (only one is due on the weekend, but it’d be nice to not be staying up late trying to get everything done on Monday night). Weird thing is that usually I get a wicked tremor first thing any time I get sick and whatnot. It’s been really mild this time, almost nonexistent. It pops up every now and then, but it’s been really good this time.

Ahhhh here it comes again….I keep getting these waves of REALLY intense tingling in my legs. WOW do I ever mean intense. Geez….it’s not painful but it is unbelievably distracting and I just want to rub my legs to try to make it stop (even though I know it won’t do anything). Hmmm, I have more numbness than usual in my feet and my hands are still really clumsy and numb. A bit of a constant headache but I’m quite certain that’s from sinus congestion. My lungs aren’t hurting right now, that’s just in the morning and I know why. Everytime I get sick, I get really bad post nasal drip while I sleep (sometimes I wake up choking on phlegm), so I just need to cough up all the gunk that gets into my lungs as I’m sleeping then I’m good. The coughing won’t stop after that though, driving me nuts. Nothing seems to be helping that at all. I think I’m just going to curl up on the couch for a bit and rest up before trying to get anything productive done. Going to try to get some work done this weekend while still getting extra rest and trying to kick the crap out of this cold. Will likely be spending most of my time in bed with my laptop to try to balance the two.


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