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Moar Pills!!! omnomnomnomnom

October 19, 2011

Well, today turned out fairly well despite how I’ve been feeling physically. The day time cold meds had me feeling high and tired all morning, sucked. I have no idea what went on during my first lecture, but I took notes. Some of them don’t make sense though. I have a good idea of what was covered though so I’ll just read up in the book.

Had a lot of time for leisure reading between classes so that was nice. Called the optometrist and SURPRISE! “oh yes, your new glasses are ready! we just got them in today!” Sure sure…whatever, I don’t care, I have them now and I’m much happier and seeing much better (though I’m still waiting for that fisheye effect to fade out…that’s the only thing I hate about new glasses). Found out my grade for a lab I did a while back finally and YUSS!! 100%! awesomeness.

Left my last class early to get to my doctor appointment on time. They were really backed up today so it was a long wait. Dr. Fab looked really drained and just ready to go home by the time she came into the exam room. I talked to her about the spasms I get in my legs, how the tegretol was working, and how the trigeminal neuralgia has spread into the right side of my face. She wrote me a new prescription for tegretol and made sure to give me enough to last until my appointment with Dr. Kickass (THANK YOU DOCTOR FAB!!) and a new prescription to try out for one week: Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine). I’m really hopeful that this will take care of the spasms. Since it can cause drowsiness though I’m holding off on starting that until the weekend. If it works, I’ll go back to Dr. Fabulous and talk to her about going on it on an as needed basis (so I’d be taking it only when I have a spasm instead of every day). I’ll be on that twice a day. If it makes me extremely tired though or has any other really intense side effects, I’ll hold off on doing the full twice a day for a week, go back and talk to her about the side effects and see about trying something maybe less intense or staying with that only as needed (though I average at least 5 bad spasms a day so….ya…though I am sick right now so that might be making that worse, who knows). Geez, I felt like a moron at one point though. My hearing isn’t the greatest right now because my head is just all stuffed up (when I get sick, I always get fluid buildup in my ears). I had to ask her about 4 times to repeat the same question before I realized she was asking what school I was going to. Duh. Bad combination of screwed up hearing and a thick accent (English is her third language so she can be a bit tricky to understand sometimes).

Went and got my new glasses while my script was getting filled, mailed off my insurance claim form (we’ll see how much I get reimbursed, I’m not expecting much beyond the cost of the eye exam). Had enough time to grab a coffee, then back to the pharmacy. And lucky me: the bitchy, rude pharmacist is GONE! My awesome, fantastic, super sweet, psychotically intelligent, and wickedly funny pharmacist is back. I LOVE that guy lol. Must have been having a long day cause he was just out of it and giggling every 5 seconds lol (“well, she wants you to take half of this one, but it’s a funny shape so I’m not sure how you’d break it in half to make it equal, maybe just chew it in half? *OMNOMNOMNOMNOM* HAHAH! NO NO! JUST KIDDING! DON’T CHEW IT!” lol).

Still feel like garbage physically. Cough is getting worse, but stuff is starting to come up (though not all the way, just enough for me to be able to taste the phlegm but not get it out yet grrrr). Hoping some steam will help with that. In a really good mood though. Have my 3 most interesting classes tomorrow (bio, chem lab, and ethics), plus a late start (woohoo, 930am! …still have to get up at the same time since my ride comes at 730am, but I’ll have time to stop for a coffee!). Have an oral presentation to do next week and I’m going to rock it. I used to suck at presentations and dreaded them more than death but doing some time teaching first aid really broke me out of that. I still get nervous but I’m awesome at hiding it and appearing super confident now. Kinda look forward to it since I wouldn’t mind “retiring” by going out of nursing and into teaching anatomy and physiology or biology or something like that. Uhhh what else was I thinking…man I’m all over the place 😛 Tried to hand in my overdue math assignment, but the teacher’s office was closed when I went to hand it in so I’ll have to try again tomorrow (it wouldn’t fit under the door). Might hunt down the PSW program coordinator and see if she needs any people to help out with their labs (pretend to be a patient, help people learn taking vital signs, tutor anatomy, etc)…..There was something else I was going to say but I can’t remember what it was….I wonder how many times I’ve said that so far in this blog? lol. Oh well, it’ll come to me. Until then, it’s almost my bedtime and I just got home, so I need to get some dinner in me and read up for my lab work tomorrow.


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  1. Yay Pills pills pills! I always have symptom flares when I get sick. I wish I had an awesome, fantastic, super sweet, psychotically intelligent, and wickedly funny pharmacist! And good luck on your presentation. IDK why I am being so short and too the point today. I have no attention span at the moment haha.

  2. Honestly I’m kinda surprised. The spasms and twitching are definitely worse, but I don’t have a tremor. I almost always get a tremor during a flare, so that’s really odd. Glad for that though, it’s nice to not struggle to feed myself! hehe I love my pharmacist, kicks so much butt, really good at explaining things. No worries on the short attention span, I understand that one lol.

  3. Haha my pharmacists all seem to hate their lives more than me…. Lol… jk?… But yeah that’s good, less symptoms the better, all the small things add up and make everything else that much harder to deal with. UGH, this short attention span thing sucks! Class is getting tricky and even doing things I ENJOY doing i becoming more difficult to stay focuses on like writing… I wouldn’t mind some pills for THAT haha.

    • heh can’t say I blame them, pharmacists put up with a lot of crap and have to stick to that “the customer is always right” attitude, even when the “customer” is abusive or trying to con their way into getting drugs they don’t need :/ Definitely not a job I could put up with, my hat is off to them. Have you ever tried anything for concentration? ADHD type drugs? Apparently some MSers have good luck with those, could be something to look into.

      • I haven’t yet, I want to look into it though, something like adorol or w/e but I have not been into the doc’s for a while so not sure what my plan is yet.

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