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Hot and cold

October 18, 2011

Woke up feeling like garbage today. Keep going back and forth between too hot and absolutely freezing to the point of shivering. Throat feels worse, migraines, finally forcing my sinuses to clear out a bit with some nasal spray. Eyes keep going blurry, legs are feeling worse. Had a lot of cramps and spasms yesterday, legs are all tensed up today. Back is killing me. Completely drained, no energy. Had a fever this morning but its starting to go down a bit with some tylenol. I didn’t get out of bed until about an hour ago (it’s almost noon here right now). Not going to any classes today, I just feel too rotten and don’t want to spread this around (I caught this either from a classmate, or a friend who’s daughter was sick, I’m not sure which). Thankfully only have 2 classes tomorrow and a very long break between the two, so I’m hoping getting some of those day and night combo packs of cold meds will get me through that. Also have to go see Dr. Fab tomorrow, so I’ll have to leave my last class a bit early. Still get the same pain when I look down, legs tingle like crazy when I do it. My arms feel like they weigh a ton. I keep getting pins in the bottoms of my feet. More numbness than usual in my hands, I keep dropping things.


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