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October 16, 2011

I feel like garbage. Woke up coughing, throat feels like I’ve been eating sandpaper. Feels like I have a screwdriver jammed into my temple, pins everywhere, and my legs are killing me. Back to feeling like I ran a marathon, but it’s not as bad as it was (I can hack it out for now, don’t know if it’ll get worse or not). Wicked sinus headache but nothing is coming out. My back feels like….sweet holy moses it feels like my spine is being electrocuted while being ripped out if I look down. I was so exhausted before bed last night that I ended up brushing my teeth in bed. I haven’t done that since the summer relapse. Standing in front of the sink in the bathroom is too bloody exhausting. I was just so unbelievably tired. I’m trying not to do much today, but I want tomorrow to be as easy as possible and have to work tonight. I’m going to get everything set up for the morning so I have as little to do as possible (like pour the cereal into the bowl, set the coffee maker to delay brew, lay out my clothes, etc). I know that doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re so tired you can fall asleep anywhere and your legs hurt like hell, it’s a lot. There is some good news though: my TN attacks have decreased in severity (though not in frequency), enough so that I can tough it out through some of them. Also, no more blurred spots in my vision. Everything has that kinda grey fog over it and most things are fuzzy because I still don’t have my new glasses yet, but I don’t have that chunk of blurred vision at the bottom of my sight any more.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long day. My classes don’t end until close to dinner time (note to self: do as much prep work for tomorrow’s dinner as possible today) and my classes are all over the place. No having a string of classes in the same room, they’re all in different rooms on different floors. I have my last accommodation letter to hand in tomorrow. Really glad I bought a new bookbag yesterday to replace my old one (pfff, old, I bought that thing just before classes and already the seams on the straps are separating, gives you an idea of how heavy my books are). New one is on wheels *cue the choir of heavenly angels singing*. No more lugging all that stuff around on my back. Also means I can bring extra books to get some studying done between classes.

Had a fun little panic moment this morning. Lost sense of where my right leg was while I was walking to the kitchen. Since the bottom of that foot is numb, I couldn’t feel that I had put that foot down on the floor. Freaked out for a second thinking “OMG I’M FALLING!” *shakes head* fun stuff eh? So disorienting. I also found my hole-punch in the pantry yesterday. Don’t remember putting it there but I’m fairly certain I know how it happened (admit it, at first you read that as “in the panty”, you pervert)

So, I’m just spending as much time as possible in my PJs today, breaking up my little to-do list with long study sessions on the couch and gargling salt water. Will try to stop at the store before work so I can pick up some things for my sinuses (never tried a saline rinse before but am tempted), maybe some quick snacks to throw in my bookbag since school food is so bloody expensive. Looks like I’ll be having just spaghetti and soup the next few days (plus meal replacement drinks…have to pick up more of those too). Good thing about spaghetti: make extra. Coat the extra in olive oil (just stick it in a tupperware container, put in some oil, then shake it up), then put it in the freezer. When you want to eat the leftovers, put it in a colander and rinse it under hot water. No microwaving, so it won’t taste all gross. That’s my lesson in laziness for the day, class dismissed.


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  1. The other day I decided it was time to take out the garbage from the kitchen. 30 seconds after tying the bag closed I realized “The trash doesn’t go in my bedroom, it goes outside on the other side of the house in the trash bins”. Wrong way… haha…

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