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October 13, 2011

Was a pretty good day. Was expecting to get a call saying to come pick up my new glasses today, but that didn’t happen yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Rocked 2 tests and an assignment. Get the results of the 3rd test tomorrow, but I’m expecting a really bad grade on that (seems that most of the class either failed it or just scratched by). Good news is it’s not worth much towards our final grade, so I can still just suck it up and study harder for the next time. I could have gotten the results from that test today, but after getting 3 really good grades, I decided to just let myself have that happy for the day and not ruin it with 1 bad test score. I was actually in such a good mood when I left school today that I was humming and had a little spring in my step.

Been having a lot of trouble with the trigeminal neuralgia. Today it has been a constant pretty much all day and I’ve been taking the tegretol too much so it doesn’t seem to be as effective. Hoping I’ll get a break from the attacks this weekend so I can get that drug out of my system. Because the pain is still dulled quite a bit though I was able to pinpoint some new trigger spots: right cheekbone, near my right ear, corner of my jaw on the right side, spot near my right temple, etc. Long story short: right side has a lot more trigger points than the left side. I gave my accommodation notice to the one teacher I was terrified of giving it to. It didn’t help that I figured she would be in a rotten mood because of the class she had before mine (know someone in that class and we’ll just say it did not go well), but she was extremely respectful, actually read the notice, and just responded with “oh! ok, not a problem at all, just give me some sort of signal before you need to leave, can we do that?” and I told her I’d be running out of the room with a bottle of water and my purse if I needed the make sure of that accommodation, and that was fine for her. Really surprised. Just goes to show you, huh? Can’t make assumptions about someone based on their behaviour in one particular type of situation.

Had a few bad spasms in my legs and feet, but not as many …I dunno, twitches, mini spasms? it’s like a series of extremely fast twitches that are painful. Spot usually tingles before it happens, sometimes it’s followed by a fullblown spasm that hurts even more. The mini spasms are really common for me, happen every day, followed by a few full spasms, but it wasn’t too bad today. The numbness gets worse when I’m sick or extremely stressed out, but it declines fairly quickly once I get better. There is permanent numbness in some spots though, and it created a few problems today. I dropped things constantly either because I thought I was holding onto the object harder than I really was or wasn’t really holding on to it at all. I accidentally dipped one of my fingers in a pot of boiling water while making supper because I just wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing and didn’t feel it.

What else….random head pain. Not sure if it’s the TN or not, keep getting really intense pain in specific parts of my head (near my right temple and behind my right ear). It’s like a screw driver getting driven through my skull. Same quality and intensity as the icepick headaches I had during that summer relapse, but different spots. Some blurred moments in my vision but for the most part it’s improved quite a bit. Still have some pressure behind my eyes though but it seems to be tapering off now. Hope it stays that way. Now, on to homework!


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