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October 11, 2011

I keep telling myself that I will NOT turn on the computer first thing in the morning, that I’ll get all my stuff done before sitting here listening to music for a little while, but I never manage to do that. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. My first class is an optional lecture so odds are I will intentionally miss that so I can spend a bit more time waking up and doing a bit of review for the two tests I have today. I studied throughout the weekend, but I still don’t feel prepared. Weird because I usually never study for tests, never get anxious over tests, and always do just fine. I thought my memory was just fine until I royally messed up breakfast yesterday (coffee in the cereal bowl, milk in the glass of juice, box of cereal in the sink, etc) so I think that’s what has me second guessing how prepared I am.

I have to spend my break between classes today calling the MS clinic and probably the local hospital. I got a call from the booking department at big city hospital on the weekend asking if I wanted to rebook my ultrasound there. They had no idea that I was getting the test done locally instead, which is odd considering they should have gotten the blank requisition form from the hospital here and I told the receptionist when I canceled the test that I was going to have it done locally instead. Whatever…I want to set up an appointment to see Dr. Kickass anyway to get my form signed for the school, check to see if my MRI requisition was ever sent out/how far down the list I am, tell her what is going on with the TN, and hopefully get some thing for muscle spasms. Oh right, the TN…ya it was pretty bad all weekend. I hope today is better, I was having 2-3 attacks per day all weekend. Not only that, it’s now spread to the right side of my face. In the right side I can feel it in my cheek, top of my head, ear, and the very edge of my bottom jaw. My face gets so screwed up when I have an attack now, it looks like I ate something really sore. My jaw gets so tensed up and messed up during an attack that the muscles hurt like crazy for hours after an attack. I counted my tegretol and I have 14 pills left, so I definitely at least need to get more. I am completely open to going on Gabapentin now instead since it can help with other nerve pain as well, which has been driving me batty. I’ve been sleeping really well though so the poor sleep inducing symptoms theory is kinda out.

What else….my eyes have been here and there. I’ve had really good days and really bad days (as you’ve probably guessed by the last post). I was oot and aboot on the weekend and when I was getting a ride home at night, WOW. It was like living in an abstract oil painting. The grey fog crept in again and the left bottom side of my vision started fading out again. I was seeing two lampposts for every one there actually was, trees were all blurred together, it was really messed up. But, woke up the next day and things had gone back to just a few fuzzy spots again. I don’t get it. It’s definitely not just the little drop in my eyesight and the astigmatism though, that’s for damn sure (thanks for nothing, opto). At least I should be getting my new glasses some time this week.

Hmmmm how can I kill some more time….I’m waiting until I’m allowed to log in to the school’s program to check my schedule. Kinda silly that we can’t check our schedule until an hour before most classes start, that doesn’t seem fair to the students that live out of town. I still have no idea how I did on that chemistry test. Maybe that’s what is helping rattle me up a bit….come to think of it I have no idea if the teacher got my assignment either. It was due on Sunday at midnight, and I submitted it Sunday around 4pm I think. Problem is the program used to submit assignments keeps messing up and closing assignments early. So, she told us to email them to her instead if that happens. So I e-mailed it to her from my school e-mail account, but I have no idea if it actually sent. That account has been messed up since I tried to sync it with my blackberry, so it won’t show me what messages were really sent or not. Oh…..something else I just realized, I have 6 papers from disability, 6 classes, but really I have 7 teachers. Not sure how to work that.


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