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Long weekend

October 8, 2011

Today was fairly well. Had some spasms, twitches, numbness (those are typical now, every bloody day, I guess that’s my new normal). Had a horrible pain in 1 toe this morning: it felt like I toe was struck by lightening, then like someone was shoving rusty nails deep into my toe while prying off my toenail. It was unbelievably painful and lasted for about an hour. Don’t really know why it happened or what made it go away but I’m just glad it’s gone. Still have some pressure behind and around my eyes with blurry spots in my vision.

Had my appointment today with disability services at school. It went really well, I’m glad I did it. Right now I have 1 accommodation set up, I just have to give the letters stating what the accommodation is to my teachers next week. It’s for my TN, so if I have an sudden attack with no aura, I can leave class whenever needed without getting in trouble for it and without having to explain why (I can tell the teacher why if I wish to, but they are not allowed to ask). I’m sure some students may take it the wrong way if/when that happens, but it’s really none of their business and if they are really that caught up in what other people are doing instead of what the teacher is saying, maybe they shouldn’t be in school to begin with. If I suddenly need another accommodation, I just call the disability services and they set up an accommodation for me right away (ex: if my eyesight drastically drops suddenly so badly I can’t read, I write tests in a separate room and have it dictated to me and answer it verbally, if I have to go to the hospital and miss a few days of classes they send someone in to take notes for me, if I get really bad memory problems that affect my test results I can have someone help me work out a schedule for studying and homework so I don’t forget anything I’m supposed to do, etc) I’m really surprised by just how much they can do. I have to get a form signed by Dr. Kickass next time I see her. The counsellor is really nice too, extremely knowledgable, and has a good sense of humour. If things keep going wonky with my eyes and/or random symptoms popping up and getting really bad suddenly, I will be booking an appointment with Dr. Kickass. I may book one anyone because of the spasms. Still hopeful that the new glasses will help out more than they should with my eyes.

What else….not too much else (nothing I can remember, anyway). Will most likely be going to a fundraising event for the MS Society over the weekend with some family. Having two Thanksgiving dinners, and a lot of studying to do. So glad to have a 3 day weekend. Once I get the housework done (which I hope to get all finished tomorrow morning) I can just plow through all my schoolwork and maybe even get ahead in some classes. Maybe I’ll even have some time to just relax.

I just saw this and I have to admit that is really damn cool. I’ve never heard of Superior before but I want to find it now. A superhero with MS? Neat. It looks really interesting. I won’t be updating this weekend since I’ll be using any downtime I get to just rest. Hope you have a great weekend and a happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. What??????????????????? OK I HAVE to look into this super Hero dude! Awesome! But yeah, anyways haha I am glad I set up my disability thingy with my school because they really do have a ton to offer, it’s crazy. I may never use any of it so long as I don’t relapse too hard but its good to have it there!

  2. I know, right? Friggin awesome, I had to look up the comic book right after I posted that lol (just goes to show that Marvel really is better than DC nyuck nyuck).
    But ya it’s a big relief to have all that help set up. Considering I’ll be in school for a 5 year stretch, I probably will have to use it so it’s good to know that all that assistance is just a phonecall away. All I have to do is get that formed signed by Dr. Kickass (I have to call today to set up and appointment anyway), see the counsellor at the beginning of each semester, and hand the papers to my teachers. They make it so easy, and the counsellor has a good sense of humour too which is awesome 😀

  3. Haha yeeeeeah, Marvel is way better than DC no doubt. I did like “The Dark Knight” though but just for Heath Ledger.

    Anyways, that’s good! I can’t think 5 years ahead for me haha but I have some schooling left to do for sure so we will see what I end up using.

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