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Oooooh myyyyy

October 6, 2011

Today wasn’t too bad. Eyes weren’t too bad; fuzzy yes,  usual blurred spots, but not too much pain. Well, not constant horrible pain. The worst of it was in my right eye. It wasn’t pressure, it wasn’t sand in my eye kind of pain, it was I tore a muscle in my eye kind of pain. It hurt to move my right eye, like I strained a muscle. The worst of the day was sitting through a powerpoint presentation (I hate those things so much). I ended up seeing weird blurry auras around people, the desk and books looked like they were floating, and everything just went blurry.  The aura thing I will definitely do a picture of cause it was really weird and interesting looking (I missed parts of the lecture because I was so distracted by it), but that will have to wait until next week once I get my tests out of the way.

Had one of the weirdest numb spots ever. From my right collarbone down to about midway through my ribcage, so one boob went totally numb. How do you describe how that feels to someone? Everyone knows what its like to have a foot or hand go numb/fall asleep, but a boob? come on now, that’s just WEIRD. It was worrying (any symptoms dealing with my chest or abdomen worry me because I start to think a hug is coming on) but I was trying so hard not to laugh because it was just so bizzare. I had to text a friend and tell her because it was just so oddly funny. When I got the feeling back the entire area felt wet, soooo weird! it was so hard to ignore! had some painful spasms in my legs and my right foot, but I’m feeling pretty good right now (thanks to some beer, mmm so good). Gotta get some sleep soon though, early day tomorrow and seeing the disability counsellor tomorrow afternoon. Trying not to think about the appointment, but I have an hour between my last class and the appointment, so I’ll probably get all anxious waiting for it tomorrow.


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