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Not impressed

October 5, 2011

I’m happy that I’m picking up my fab new pair of glasses in about a week (it took me a whole 5 minutes to find the perfect pair, I have a gift or something), and I’m really happy with the sales guy I dealt with, but I’m really not impressed with the rest of the staff at the optometrist’s office.

First the secretaries. One tried to get me involved in one of those companies where you throw parties to sell their products. The other was talking about sex toys (there was a kid in the office). I was the last appointment of the day. My appointment was for 5pm. That is what I was told multiple times on the phone yesterday. Their appointment book said I was booked for 5:30pm, so I had to sit there for a long time.

The optometrist is the one I’m most frustrated with. He really rushed me through the exam. Before he even did the exam he tried to convince me to get contact lenses. No idea which optometrist he is because he never introduced himself. It takes my eyes a while to focus now, and he wouldn’t give me time to let them focus or to explain what the problem was. He rushed me through so much I didn’t even have the chance to tell him about my periods of partial blindness in my left eye. He checked my left eye a few times but didn’t tell me why. I wanted to ask if there was any inflammation, he didn’t give me the chance. Just handed me a new prescription and sent me out. My eyes over the past few years have been declining at the same rate for several years. It’s speeding up now, but he didn’t notice that. It’s the same amount of decline, but now it’s been only in one year instead of two.

When I went to the register with my new frames, the salesman looked at my prescription and said “Oh. You have a mild astigmatism now.” I do? Really? Sounds like something the optometrist should have told me, huh? A slight astigmatism doesn’t explain the problems I’ve been having though. He got me a sweet deal on my glasses so I ended up paying much less than I should have.

While I’m overall displeased with the whole mess, I still love buying new glasses. Feels kinda glamourous I guess. Surrounded by names like Fendi, DKNY, Gucci, that must be it. Can’t wait to get my new glasses.


Besides that whole mess, the rest of the day was alright. Had a really long break between my test and my last class so that was nice. Had spasms in my legs and feet in last class, a TN attack (had to take my beds in class, tried to do it discretely and I’m not sure if anyone saw). Reading 3 hours of powerpoint presentations is hell on my eyes. By the end of it I was just looking over my glasses instead of through them because well, screw it everything was blurry anyway and trying to force my eyes to focus just made the pressure and pain worse. Legs got really weak suddenly and I was shaking and in pain. Suddenly felt like I was going to pee myself right in class. When I got to the bathroom (and used the handicap stall because I needed the rail to pull myself off the toilet), it took forever to get it all out (I didn’t get it all out btw), it was extremely murky and oddly coloured and wow, what a smell. It was bad. No blood though. For a while I doubled my cranberry pills, but I started getting that pain in my side and was worried about kidney stones (wasn’t sure if it was the infection spreading or stones were forming). So, I stopped taking them. No more side pain, but more abdominal pressure and odd colour and smell of urine (TMI or what? lol). It’s going to be hard to get in to see a doctor about that soon. I’m going to try to get in to a walkin clinic on the weekend, but I’m not counting on it what with the holiday. Anyway…where was I? Oh right, school. Once I got to the bathroom, things let up with my legs. Eyes were still bad from straining them so hard. Got to just close my eyes for a while after class so that helped. Kinda odd walking around the house with my eyes closed but oh well.

Got a fab new pair of shoes and a new bag, so yay for that. Thinking about doing my nails tonight.


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