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October 4, 2011

Electrical problem was solved yesterday. Then reappeared this morning when I went to get some cream for my coffee and realized the breaker blew again. Have a somewhat short day today so at least if it goes off again when I’m at school nothing will go bad (after I flipped the breaker again it stayed this time, so who the heck knows).

No improvement in my vision. More numbness than usual but I haven’t slept much (5 hrs last night, half an hour the night before). Revealed the MeSs to a classmate and much to my surprise they were very understanding and already knows someone else with MS. Huge weight off my shoulders. Rocked the test I had yesterday, so that’s really helping my mood. Can’t wait for the long weekend (yay Thanksgiving!). Will be spending most of it studying for tests, but oh well at least I’ll be at home stuffing myself full of turkey and desserts!

I know some people refer to it as the MonSter”. I prefer “MeSs”. Why? Because a monster is something terrifying that you can’t defeat, a mess is just something that you have to work to clean up, maybe recruit some help. That’s how I’m choosing to view this.

Ride is going to be here in about 15 minutes and I’m still in my PJs so I gotta go. Have a good day!


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