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Life in the fishtank

October 1, 2011

Ok, so I’ve gotten really caught up on sleep (not sure how much, something like 10-12 hours last night), I’m feeling better emotionally but not physically. Same problem with my eyes, though the yellow tint is fading out. I have this one spot in left eye that is always blurry. It’s just below and to the left of my center vision. I’ve been getting really dizzy and clumsy today. Riding in any moving vehicle is horrible, I get motion sickness really badly.

I’m kind of adapting to the blurry spots though. Looking at me, you wouldn’t know anything is wrong. Well, as long as I’m sitting down. At first I was squinting constantly, not so much now. My balance is kind of off so I’m stumbling a bit. I lost my balance a few minutes ago and grabbed onto the first thing I could – a dining room chair – so I fell into the wall and smashed my hip on the corner. I went shopping today for one of those gel eye mask things that you put in the fridge to help with my eye pain, and I almost fell getting out of the car. Good thing I hadn’t let go of the holy-shit-handle.

My legs still feel squeezed and I’ve been getting cramps in my feet. Hoping the cramps don’t move up into my legs. I completely blanked and forgot to call both my GP and the optometrist, so I have to do that on Monday. I need to see my GP ASAP. Constant lower abdominal discomfort, always feel like I have to pee, and I’m starting to get lower right flank pain. I’m hoping taking care of the UTI will help with my eyes, but I’m getting my eyes checked anyway because well, the school’s insurance covers a pair of glasses, and I’m vain and like accessories, so I want to buy a new pair. Lots of pins in my feet today, constantly feel like I’m stepping on thorns, but I can’t find anything physically wrong with my feet so it’s just the stupid sensation again. With the blurry spots, dizziness, and clumsiness, I feel like I live in a fishtank. I feel like I’m swimming in a tank full of swishing water with smears on the glass.

I’m surprised by how much I’ve gotten done today. Took a lot of breaks, but I got most of the house cleaned…well….ok, tidied up. I have 3 assignments to do tonight, and I’m dreading it. The constant looking back and forth from books to notes to computer screen…ugh. Just that much looking back and forth and the light from the screen (even though I dimmed it), it’s going to make me feel really sick.

I think it’s just because of the headache and eye pain, but sound is just driving me nuts today. I’ll probably put in some earplugs when I do my homework just so I don’t have to hear the sound of the keys clicking.


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