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September 28, 2011

I’m getting really bad for that. I keep putting things off until the day before and rushing through things. I know I would get better marks if I stopped doing this (not that my marks are bad, my lowest mark so far was in the high 80’s) and would be a lot less stressed out as well. Still though, I’ve gotten through typing up half of an assignment that is due tomorrow…and now I’m just not in the mood to keep typing. So, I’m going to procrastinate by updating the blog 😛

Finally stopped procrastinating on calling the MS clinic about my ultrasound today, and now I have to get the ultrasound department here and get them to fax a form to Dr. Kickass since they have different forms and blah blah blah. Long story short, it’s going to take a lot of nagging the local hospital on the phone and more waiting until the test gets done.

My feet and half of my lower legs are all screwy right now. Extremely tight feeling (back to feeling like my legs are about to burst open from the squeezing sensation). More twitching and cramps in my legs than usual, still have a bit of headache though it was much worse earlier, and I have a bit of a hug going on (along with the burning sensation in my spine). But I don’t mind so much; it was self induced. I decided to walk to school today and I’m glad I did. It was hard (my right foot kept curling up in my shoe and it hurt like you wouldn’t believe, plus spasms in my legs) but I got it done. I just kept telling myself “I just have to make it to that lamp post/street corner/fire hydrant, and I can call a cab if I want to.” Setting short goals made it much easier to cope with the symptoms that sprang up. I have a cold compress with velco straps on it around my torso right now to try to calm down the hug and burning.

My eyes are a little bit worse today. I’m getting much more near-sighted and I’m not sure if it’s temporary or not. Still lots of flashes of light. When I look to the left…it’s weird, it’s like….imagine you have a little dab of vaseline on your glasses that you can’t see when you’re looking forward. When you look to the left, you can see the dab and it makes things blurry, and looking straight again smears the vaseline all over your glasses. It sucks. It’s taking longer to go away, and now once it does go away, it comes back a few times without me looking left again before finally going away until I look left again. I can get 1 eye exam covered by my insurance so I think I’ll be booking an appointment soon. Maybe stronger lenses will help with the fuzzy vision (plus it’d be nice to get some new frames), and it would be nice to get an opinion on my eye problems (since none of the doctors I’ve seen about any of these problems has ever commented on my eye problems). I’m starting to have a hard time seeing the front of the classroom during powerpoint presentations.

What else was there….oh, I was sitting outside in the garden and out of curiosity I poked a thorn on one of the rose bushes. I’m used to having decreased sensation in my hands and feet, but I was curious to see just how bad it really was. I didn’t really feel anything until the thorn broke skin, and even then I didn’t feel much. What was much more noticeable was the tingling. As soon as it started to hurt, my fingertip start tingling and it was so intense I didn’t notice the pain much. Weird huh?

Anyway…I guess I’d better finish typing up that assignment…come to think of it I might have two assignments due tomorrow, I’m really not sure…guess I’d better get it done just incase huh?

OH! and RE: the cold. Not feeling as…floaty? as yesterday. Throat is killing me and the cough is getting worse. Don’t feel quite right, but not as bad as yesterday.


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