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Presenting your future care providers

September 27, 2011

*cough* *hack* *wheeze*
We are an unhealthy bunch.

There is a nasty virus going around all the health care related programs at school. I’ve been trying to avoid it, but wow do I ever feel messed up today. Not sure what is causing all these crappy feelings, but I just want them to stop.

Right now I am incredibly dizzy, worn out (despite sleeping in today), aching all over (well, the parts I can feel that is), sore throat, dry cough, feel like I’m floating just a little bit outside of my head (not sure how else to describe it but it’s really weird, like I’m detaching from my body). No appetite and when I try to force myself to eat something, I gag (taking all those pills in the morning is an absolute joy, let me tell you). So hard to focus, clumsy, spasms, eye is getting worse (still fuzzy vision, but it’s blurring more often now when I look left and the blur stays longer). More flashes of light (which I hadn’t had for a while), TN attacks multiple times a day (at 3 so far today). Not even going to touch on the numbness and coordination problems cause it’s just nuts.

Such a hard time focusing. Was taking notes during a lecture today, and despite looking right at the damn letter on the slide, I could not figure out how to write the letter “L”. That’s only happened once before (with the letter “J”). This time since I had a reference point (the slide) it was quicker to figure out (last time I had to use process of elimination). Still though, I had to sit there starring at the letter and then my pen trying to figure out how to make the shape. My spelling has been HORRIBLE today, and I’ve noticed that I’ve started holding a pen differently. It’s more like making a fist around the pen (like a child would) instead of holding it properly. I guess I just got in the habit of that because it’s easier to write like that for me when I have a tremor. I think I’m going to have to start bringing the laptop to class more often for ease of note taking.

Getting really bad squeezing in my left arm and left side of my chest and stomach. I have the morning to myself tomorrow so I need to call Dr. Kickass to get things sorted with that bloody ultrasound and to see if it’s possible to get something for spasms and concentration. I’m trying to just hack it on my own, but it’s already gotten to the point where I’ve missed classes because of my legs. I cannot afford to miss any more. Also need to see Dr. Fabulous to get this UTI taken care of. That combined with the virus going around (which I assume I’ve picked up given the throat problems) is just kicking my butt.

I’m hoping getting some extra sleep tonight will help. I’m just worried though that I’ll sleep through my alarms and miss my bus. I keep saying I’m going to do this, but I may request a private meeting with the program coordinator tomorrow to explain things cause it’s getting bad.


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