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September 26, 2011

No more of this maybe waiting until the weekend to take some me time if I don’t have anything else to do. I’m taking at least half an hour every day for myself. No housework, no homework, no work, no nothing. No more burning myself out before taking time for myself.

I’ve got some assignments due tomorrow and some prep work to do for a lab, but I’m making sure to take a break from that for a bubble bath, pedicure, leisure reading, anything like that. Probably a pedicure tonight (did one last night but my feet are still a bit rough…plus I want to do my nails since I never do them).I’ve got to find some way to get going faster in the morning. I takes me an hour or two before I have enough energy and am awake enough to make breakfast and get ready for school, and by that time I have to rush. No more of that.

Today was alright. Got a TN aura in class but I didn’t have to rush out. I managed to get the medication out of my purse like a ninja (pretty sure no one noticed). Numbness/decreased sensation has only increased in intensity in the toes on my left foot. It covers more area on my left leg (up to about midway up my calf now), on the right side it goes up to my lower back. Had some blurred vision that started this morning from looking to the left, but it hasn’t quite gone away. It’s just the left eye (closing that eye, everything is fine), and it’s not overly blurry, it’s just fuzzy like I need stronger glasses (since this has happened before and went away, I’m holding off on getting my eyes checked). The thing that has driven me nuts more than anything else today is the twitching in my ribcage. Doesn’t hurt and it’s hidden under my shirt and sweater, but it’s really strong twitching and just the feeling of it is driving me nuts.

Was a little bit clumsy today, dropped a few things. Had some fairly painful cramps and spasms in my legs. It’s surprisingly hot out today, walking back to my parents’ place I very quickly developed a really bad headache in the base of my skull. Shoulders are aching but I’m blaming that on my bag. Considering asking Dr. Kickass about something to help me focus next time I see her, cause it can get really bad during a lecture.

Switched my lab day so I get to get out of classes earlier on Fridays now *happy dance*. Can sleep in on Wednesday if I need to.

Think I’m going to go soak my feet and work on some assignments.


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