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Jello shots

September 26, 2011

Ohhhhh myyyyy.

Was an interesting weekend. Have a few minutes before I have to start getting ready for school so I’ll update.

Shopping trip: went, made it through without a cane, but didn’t stay nearly as long as I expected. Didn’t find what I was looking for, so I got a gigantic bottle of ibuprofen and vitamin D at a bulk store instead (should last me a while!). Was nice to get out of this town and get reminded that there is more to Big City than just hospitals. Began having a TN attack just as we were leaving so I popped half a tegretol and all was well.

JELLO SHOTS! Omnomnomnom. Had a get together at a friend’s place (late combined birthday party). Didn’t get drunk but had some really freakin delicious jello shots and sangria. Almost made someone throw up and someone else panic a little when I choked on a mozzarella stick. I panicked a bit myself since I couldn’t breath and was just gagging on it non-stop (it was half down my throat, half in the back of my mouth) so I reached in and pulled it out *cue the puking sounds from the peanut gallery*. Was fine once I got it out.

Started feeling worse throughout the evening, was on my cane shortly after arriving at friend’s place. Right leg was all screwy, started having cramps in my foot and eventually it just went numb and curled inward so the cane became more for balance than pain relief. Met a friend’s new boyfriend and if you’re reading: I approve *thumbs up* really nice guy. I was a bit nervous about meeting him that night because I was feeling crappy and something was clearly visibly wrong what with the cane, but there were no questions or anything (don’t know if he knew ahead of time what was wrong or if he’s just really cool and just rolled with it). Either way, I had fun and am glad she has a good guy now 🙂

Got frustrated while playing board games because my memory just completely flew out the window. I barely answered any questions right because I just couldn’t remember things, or I would give a name knowing it was wrong but not knowing why. I could picture the answers in my head but had no idea what they were called. Had an extremely hard time concentrating, just could not differentiate between different people talking and the game itself. Got a wee bit cranky and a little snippy. Started to feel a little bit depressed but spending some time holding the cutest little baby in the world helped cheer me up. She kept popping her eyes wide open and just starring at me until I starred all wide eyed back and her, then she’d fall back asleep 😛 Had a second TN attack but didn’t get the tegretol in me until after the shocks started. Thankfully the shocks were slow (a few mins apart instead of seconds) so I didn’t have to go through too much of that before the medication kicked in.

Was up REALLY late and slept in really late yesterday, but managed to get a good chunk of housework done before working a little bit last night. Lots of propriodeception last night, kept losing my legs.

Energy is fine today (just a bit tired, but then again I only slept 5.5 hours last night). Most of my right leg is going numb now (from my foot all the way up to about halfway up my rear). Not sure what is going on with the UTI. I had some pain and burning but I can’t really feel that now since most of that area has gone numb. Half of my left foot is numb, but the left thigh is really tensed up and sore. I can feel that the back of my right thigh is tensed up but it’s not overly painful since that area has decreased sensation. Tingling in my right arm. Vision in left eye was going blurry any time I looked left again and was concerned I was going to lose some of my vision again, but it seems to be tapering off (only happens 3-5 times per day now). Super sensitive gag reflex and a little bit of choking on my own spit every now and then. Some burning and hot pins and needles here and there (mostly in my head and back of my left leg).

Long day today class-wise, and assignments due later this week so I’ll probably skip the meeting tonight to get some homework done. If I have time I’m going to write up a summary of what has gone on since my last appointment to bring to Dr. Kickass. Lots has gone on since then, and I don’t want to forget anything.

Feeling a bit better about the thought of using Tiny Tim at school. Still not thrilled about the idea but what can you do I guess…


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