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September 23, 2011

So-so day. Some good stuff, some bad stuff, kind of a draw.
Got some assignments graded and test scores, doing better that I thought I was. I wasn’t entirely sure if I was getting a UTI or a flu or something but I’m about 95% sure it’s a UTI now. Going to call Dr. Fab on Monday about that. May also ask her about self catheterization cause this is just getting nuts…

Had some leg spasms today. Legs cramped up so bad by the time I was done classes I had to take baby steps all the way back to my parents’ place. It was like they were wrapped in really tight bandages and coated in concrete, felt so heavy. Same feeling in my arms most of the day. When I sat down in the car it felt like I had my phone in my back pocket, so I got up and checked…nope. Nothing in my pockets, nothing on the seat. But it felt like I was sitting on my phone. Same thing with my foot once I got out the car; felt like there was a rock in my shoe just under the ball of my left foot (there was nothing in my shoe). Still there despite being barefoot. When I was in the car I asked Mom if it was hazy outside or if it was just me. It’s just me. It’s like….when it’s really, really hot and humid out, that ugly grey haze over the horizon? It’s like seeing that everywhere. Colours aren’t as bright, everything is dingy. Tingling in my legs up to my lower back. Lots of twitching in my lower lip. Pins and needles here and there. Things go a little blurry when I look left. If I close the left eye though it’s fine and it doesn’t last long.

Had something happen in class that freaked me out. I was sitting there in a lecture and my thigh started to feel wet. I tried not to show any panic on my face but wow, it freaked me out. I couldn’t focus, all I could think was “I’m peeing myself in the middle of class and everyone is going to see it.” Tried to get out of the room and into the bathroom as quickly as I could once the lecture was done (if I had ran out in the middle of the lecture, everyone would have seen. I had better odds of no one noticing once everyone else was leaving too). Turns out it was just that stupid dry skin feeling wet sensation, was so relieved. Was completely exhausted by the end of classes. Had to just lay on the couch for a few hours once I got home because I was just so drained. Couldn’t focus at all. Bit easier to focus now but limbs still feel heavy and I’m still feeling kinda drained.

Not entirely sure how I’m going to make things work tomorrow, but I will. I need to get out and do something fun, not think about school stuff or anything else like that for a day. I refuse to back out of the shopping trip. I’m going to have to bring Tiny Tim with me, but it’s going to be heavy to carry that around in my purse all day (hard on the shoulder). I’ll get through that somehow. A little anxious about the bathroom situation. It’s a long drive, and mall bathrooms are just disgusting and always packed. Made my friend promise not to let me buy anything that is an ugly, bright colour since I can’t quite make those colours out too well 😛

Going to get a little bit of work done, have some dinner, then pamper the ever living daylights out of myself tonight. Bubble bath, pedicure, all that good stuff. Have a good weekend!


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