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September 22, 2011

I do not feel right. I’m not really sure how to describe it. My head feels weird.

It’s not a headache, I’m not dizzy…it just feels…I’m not sure. I’ve had that annoying squeezing sensation in my head all day (I’m calling it “phantom hairband” because it feels like I’m wearing a hairband that is too tight). My stomach is still distended (hasn’t gone away since that whole mess yesterday at the hospital). I feel like I’m going to throw up. My whole body feels weak and heavy. I keep losing track of where my legs are (can’t remember the proper term for a disturbance in proprioception, so I’m calling it propriodeception). Squeezing feeling in my legs and left arm most of the day (its getting really strong in my legs right now and really starting to hurt). I feel like I chugged a bottle of water constantly; really bad feeling of fullness in my abdomen that is becoming painful.

Monitoring my temperature closely. It’s slowly rising but hasn’t hit feverville yet *knock on wood* (it’s getting close though). Nerve pain has been psychotic today so I hunted through the drug store to find a cream with capsaicin in it. First application was fine, second one burned like crazy for hours (it’s just starting to tone down now). Hoping it doesn’t take too long for that reaction to stop and for the cream to really kick the crap out of the pain. Having a hard time focusing (mentally not visually).

I felt extremely hot and weak all of a sudden shortly after the emergency plan meeting, thought I might faint. It faded away though and I haven’t felt right since. Been feeling a bit off most of the day but not this bad. Think I’m going to have to sleep with a garbage can beside the bed tonight :S

Have to do an experiment tomorrow and hand in an assignment (which I need to polish up and print tonight). So glad tomorrow is Friday. Have plans to go out of town on Saturday with a friend so I can’t sleep in, but at least most of my housework is done now so I can go to bed as soon as I get home from school tomorrow. Might doze off in one of the lounge areas between classes and just have ask a classmate to wake me up (or set an alarm on my phone). If I still feel crappy on Monday I’ll make an appointment to see Dr. Fabulous.


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