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Moar testing!!

September 21, 2011

Yesterday was interesting.
I didn’t have too many classes and they were all in the same area (“the dungeon”) so I didn’t have to do too much walking. I managed to avoid the cane since my legs were so numb I didn’t really feel much of the spasms and locked up muscles. I was walking really funny though, got stared at a bit (I must have looked drunk). I leaned on whatever I could when I was walking to stay upright so that didn’t help with the stares.

I have no idea how I did on that math test. Half hour before the test I was so tired I felt like I was going to throw up (ended up pulling an all-nighter). I wasn’t quite ready for bed when I got home though so I managed to actually get ahead on homework for that class so no more staying up all night before a test getting things done. Managed to get a schedule sorted out for homework now so that should help if I manage to stick to it.

Have to start getting ready for the ultrasound soon. It’s kinda funny: we want to find out why you have to put pressure on your abdomen to empty your bladder and why it empties a bit on it’s own, and to do that…we’re going to make you fill your bladder as much as possible, hold it in for at least an hour, then press on your abdomen and it’d better all stay in there or we won’t be able to get proper images *facepalm* We need better imaging methods and some sort of machine to measure pain.

Speaking of pain…wicked l’hermittes last night. Horrible sharp, intense shocks of pain from my neck down my back into my hips. Once it got to my legs I didn’t feel much of it because of the numbness (though it did feel like my skin was vibrating for a bit in my legs and back). Glad it’s back to just the tingling/vibrating feeling now, the was really painful.

Slept for…geez, I think about 10 hours last night. Getting sensation back in some spots in my legs but the pain is coming back. Achy all over like I have a flu, but no upset tummy or fever (my brother caught a stomach bug at school so I’m trying to steer clear of him until he’s feeling better). Left leg bounces like crazy when I straighten it and my right thigh is pretty tense (so sitting here with my legs stretched out and my laptop on my lap, the right side of the computer is higher than the other and the left side is shaking).

Time to get ready for the drive to big city hospital. Hoping to get lots of schoolwork done when I get home. Pretty sure I told my teachers I wouldn’t be in class today because of an appointment….


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