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Well that didn’t work out…

September 19, 2011

I ended up spending the day in bed. Woke up and my legs were curled up. It took me about an hour to get out of bed, walk across the hall, grab my books, and get back to my bed. My legs just kept seizing up after a few feet. Made sure nothing was due today, got some work done in bed, and slept. Wicked headache all day.

Legs are almost completely numb now, but I can kinda feel (and see) my legs spazz out when I get up and walk around. Left side of my face is going numb and the fingertip numbness has spread up to my wrists. I’d rather be numb all over than be in pain all over so I guess it’s a win. I’m a bit stumbly when I walk and I have to look at the keyboard when I type so I don’t end up pressing 5 buttons at once (ARG). I stumble when I walk cause my legs are still spazzing, but I can just put a lot of effort into forcing my legs to go straight since I can’t really feel it anymore. I’m hoping it stays like this for tomorrow since missing classes tomorrow is not an option. If I had a chair I would have been able to get to school today. But, if I buy a chair, I won’t be able to afford groceries for the rest of the semester. And since the problems with my legs aren’t permanent, it comes and goes, and because I don’t have a definite diagnosis yet I can’t apply to any programs that help cover the cost of a chair. Stuck in a really bad spot right now.

I have to get out some how and get some groceries tonight if I can get a ride there and have someone come in with me to help me out. Mom did something extremely callous and spiteful yesterday, it was such a slap in the face, and I think she’s feeling really guilty about it today so maybe she’ll take me to the store as an apology. Going to have a cool bath first, maybe that’ll help with some things.

Going to have to get to school earlier than usual tomorrow to get into the computer lab and print some stuff. My printer is out of ink and it seems no stores in town sell the cartridge I need any more. It’s just not my week. Was getting really down on myself this morning for missing classes today. That’s just not me, the last time I was in college I missed a total of 1 freakin class the entire year. Trip to big city hospital on Wednesday for that ultrasound. Given how much numbness I have right now I’m more concerned than usual that I won’t be able to hold in all the water necessary for the test. We’ll see how that goes I guess… I’m going to try to get a hold of my program coordinator tomorrow on my lunch break and finally just cave and tell her every thing.


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