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Help Matt get his money back

September 18, 2011

I want to ask you guys a favour.

If you haven’t yet followed the link on the right to Matt’s MS, please do so. Matt has been extremely helpful for not only me but many, MANY others through the support group he runs on facebook, his blog, and the videos he has done on youtube. He is a young photographer in California battling multiple sclerosis and trying to make a name for his photography business so he can get by. He has been trying to raise money for his business and medical expenses by selling MS is BS t-shirts, and the interest that was shown when he first put the idea forward has waned. So he is now left with a bunch of shirts and broke.

Please help out this wonderful young man by spreading the word about the MS is BS t-shirts, Matt Allen G. Photography, and/or by buying a shirt or hiring him for a special event if you are in Moreno Valley area.

When the MS mess started with me, he was the first person around my age with it that I came into contact with. He has been nothing but kind, generous, and incredibly strong to have gotten through all the things that have been going wrong for him. Please help brighten up his day, achieve his goal, and help spread awareness of MS. Thank you.


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