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September 15, 2011

My loan came in! Oh happy day! I can pay my bills, get my computer programs (not just the one for my course, I can finally get a good dictation program so it’ll be so much easier to do my notes!), and get my bloody vitamins! I went from 6 pills a day (before tegretol and pain relievers) down to 1 (just vitamin D3). I’m kind of hoping that getting back on those will help with some of my symptoms but I’m not really counting on it since I haven’t been off them for all that long.

Last night really sucked. I was laying there trying to sleep, and I started getting pins and needles in my back around the area where I usually have a deep burning sensation in my spine (near my shoulder blades). It spread to the right until it was going from the middle of my back to my armpit, then boom! crazy intense jello in an earthquake twitching, but much deeper than usual and kind of painful. They were really quick, then went into a full on spasms after a few seconds. I could not get the muscle to relax, it was horrible. Then it started to spread into my legs and feet (started out the same way with the pins and needles). So I barely got any sleep last night. My legs have been tensing up really badly if I’m sitting for too long so I have to keep getting up and stretching (which kinda works out since I study in 20 minute bursts). It’s ok for at home, but it sucks at school. Short day today so hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot done in regards to homework and cleaning.

A big congratulations and good luck to MSWarrior on the recent switch back to her pre-MS occupation 🙂


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