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September 14, 2011

Geez, and I thought today would be relaxing.
My ride to the seminar this afternoon completely forgot about me. I couldn’t get hold of anyone (stressed me right out, thought I was going to miss it), and ended up having to cab it to school (which now means I’ve had to borrow even more money off my parents, since the cab ride took a chunk out of the money I had for the program I have to buy for computers). I have to do assignments based off my notes from the seminar so I could not miss it. My sister is an angel though and got me an “extended birthday present”: a bus pass sticker. HA! So I have to go get my photo ID done for that tomorrow and won’t have to rely on my ride since they tend to be quite forgetful….

E-mailed the loan centre last night and got a response today. Their answer to my very simple 1 sentence question? “Call our hotline”. Thanks. I have a short day tomorrow and studying to do tonight (first real quiz of the semester tomorrow, and I completely forgot about it until a few hours ago) so I will call them tomorrow after classes if I still don’t have my money.

My school e-mail account is royally messed up. I can log in, I can send e-mail, but I can’t receive…kind of. I can’t view my sent messages, I get notification of a new message in my inbox, but I cannot view it at all (all I get is an empty inbox with an error message, I can’t even see who sent it). I have a new e-mail that is probably from my chemistry teacher but since I can’t read it, I have swing by her office tomorrow and hope she’s in. The messed up account is a big issue since some teachers only communicate to students via mass e-mail, and that is how the school notifies us of closures (not an issue now but it will be in the winter).

Got my labcoat today and holy hell I hate unisex sizes! I got an extra small (since that’s the smallest size they had. Why do places sell XXL but never XXS?). It’s loose enough to the point of being unsafe (sleeves go past my knuckles, very billowy in the arms), so I have to tailor it. Lesson on unisex sizes: there is no such thing, they are just mens sizes (I am barely over 5′ tall and 100lbs, mens sizes do not fit me damnit!)

Had some brief group work today and we started out with talking about which profession we want exactly. When I said that I want to be a nursing specialist in MS…one of my group members responded with “Oh, well that must be because you know someone close to you with it, right?” I had no idea how to answer that. People are starting to warm up and make friends, but I’m really not comfortable discussing my situation with classmates right now (even though I’ve had visible symptoms in class). I just kind of stammered out “I uh… uhh… Welll.. Uh ……….yes.” Seemed like the least complicated answer without giving away any personal information.

Got my first assignment back (not graded was just kind of a baseline thing) and didn’t have any criticism or corrections on it despite half of it accidentally getting cut off before I sent it in, so that’s cool.

Finally started reading Phantoms In The Brain by V.S. Ramachandran today and I am enthralled already. Will be spending most of my spare time at school reading that. Still vaguely entertaining the idea of attempting the MCAT. We’ll see… that boat isn’t even in the harbour yet so no point in worrying about it too much right now. It’s a huge decision and I’ll have to see how things work out with this course, and the timing of when MCAT is in relation to when the BScN program starts.

So the TL;DR version: didn’t physically do a whole lot today but had lots to stress out about. Blogging is definitely becoming my way of decompressing after a day of classes so I guess that explains the frequent entries lately. Weekends are all mine, so I don’t expect to be doing any entries on weekends. This weekend: campfires, weekend after that: going out of town with friends 🙂


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