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Heaven sent

September 13, 2011

That is what my chemistry and math teachers are.
Most of my classes mark on attendance (lots of group work). Not chem lectures (chem labs are mandatory though, of course, but I’m looking forward to those). If you’re more comfortable doing the lecture stuff on your own and would be bored in class, then you don’t need to show up (except for tests and such of course). This is a huge relief for me. This gives me more days where I can stay in bed a little bit later (I’m still having a hard time getting to sleep at a proper time) and gives me the chance to be resting at home while I do the work instead of running all over the school with a heavy bookbag burning myself out. I e-mailed the teacher to double check on this (though it was announced first chem lecture) and explained that it would be much more beneficial for me to do it that way because of health reasons (though I did not specify what exactly), just waiting for a reply (though I’ve been getting a vague error message in my student e-mail account…will have to test it out to make sure trying to link it up to my blackberry didn’t screw up anything). Thanks to this arrangement, I can sleep in tomorrow. Will only have 1 class and a seminar in the afternoon instead of getting up very early for 1 class then waiting around campus for hours on end for the next class to start. Also gives me the chance to catch up on housework since I just haven’t been physically able to keep up with both classes and cleaning.

As for the math teacher…just wonderful. I abhor math, my brain sees a math equation and goes “it’s just numbers for the sake of numbers, there is no actual purpose to this equation” and I just can’t seem to focus. I always felt stressed out in math classes in high school because frankly, my teachers just sucked at explaining things, moved really quickly, and called on people at random and would force you to publicly struggle through it even if you said “I don’t know”. This one is nothing like that. I do not feel stressed at all in that class, the teacher explains things very clearly, gives us lots of practice, doesn’t force people into the spotlight, and gives us plenty of practical applications for the equations (ex: a few math for the sake of math type questions, then “ok here’s the same type of equation, but let’s say x= medication dosage y= amount in vial, etc). I have my first math test next week and my first math assignment due the same day. Normally I would be freaking out of this already but I feel fine about it.

I’m still having problems with my loan, it looks like there was some sort of paperwork error so I may have to call the loan centre/go to the financial aid office/deal with my bank to get that sorted out. Pretty stressed out about that but I’m still always hopefully that it will be sorted out on it’s own by the next day.

Lots of numbness today (especially my hands, lower legs/feet, and mouth). Pins and needles that are tolerable (though a few that made me jump). Burning sensation in my spine is still there (worst in my neck), and still have that horrible tingly ticklish skin crawling feeling up my back (when I look down I get it in my legs). It was extremely hot when I finished classes today and the short walk to my parents’ place killed my lower legs. I’m not even sure how to describe the pain. Definitely an 8/10 (for you medical types that hate the pain scale, remember that a 10/10 for me is trigeminal neuralgia). It’s hard to pinpoint where it started exactly because it was just everywhere, from my skin down into the bone. It was like my legs were being ripped apart. I couldn’t flex my feet up and stumbled a lot because of the effect the pain had on my range of motion. Had a few spells of dizziness and blurred vision. I have a bit of a fever right now but my throat isn’t as sore and I can breath properly out of one nostril (no mucous, just inflammation), so I guess I’m finally really starting to fight off that cold.


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