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I hate Mondays

September 12, 2011

It’s been a weird, long day and I’m taking a study break before tackling *groan* math homework, so why not do an update.

Today was pretty bad. I’m not sure if I got a lot of funny looks or I was just being really self conscious because of the shaking. It was pretty severe this morning (ended up wearing my breakfast instead of eating it) and it felt like my skin was crawling. The crawling sensation was so strong I kept jumping and bunching up my fists, it made my back arch, it was horrible. Lots of leg spasms, spasticity, and my left arm wrist started posturing a bit again. By the afternoon the posturing and shaking mostly stopped (though the left half of my hand was completely numb and decreased sensation spread up my arm), and the spasms slowed down but got more intense and lasted longer. I was just completely drained by the end of the day. Walking up the stairs to my last class, I wasn’t actually walking. I was dragging myself up the stairs with my arms and the hand rails (not fun, especially up 3 flights of stairs). My legs were just in agony. If I had a folding cane I would have been using it. Weirdest thing is my legs don’t hurt right now. I’m getting some tensing up in my feet that is uncomfortable and makes me a bit clumsy when I walk, but my legs aren’t in pain. After all the spasms today, they should be. I don’t get it.

Shortly after I got home I got a massive sudden burst of energy. It was really weird. I didn’t sleep as much as I should have last night and I was burnt out from all the classes today and all the symptoms, but all of a sudden for no apparent reason it was like I snorted a ton of coffee grinds laced with speed. I just could not stay still, it was nothing like catching a second wind. It was helpful though since I managed to get some house work done and it gave me the energy to do some really thorough stretching exercises to work my legs out. It only lasted about 2 or 3 hours and now I’m exhausted again. Tomorrow will be just as long of a day but it won’t feel as long because of fewer classes (the ones I enjoy too except for one). This mess with my legs is getting to be too much. If it keeps up like this I’m going to have to call Dr. Kickass and try to get in to see her before the MRI to talk about going on something for the spasms because it’s screwing me up too much.

Loan still isn’t sorted out. If I don’t have it by Wednesday I’m going to have to call the loan centre. I’m hoping I get switched to a smaller chemistry lab (the one I’m in is overflowing, another one barely has enough students to justify running it, so they’re moving students around to even things out). I’m a bit worried that I’ll have to focus so hard on not spilling what I’m holding that I’ll accidentally bump into something or someone. Not a good thing since we’ll be working with acids a lot. Also worried that something will get spilled on me and I won’t notice until it makes a nice deep burn because of the problems with numbness.


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