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Last night of freedom

September 11, 2011

If I say I have a tummy ache can I stay home from school tomorrow? Ugh…it’s going to be a long week; first full week of classes, with a seminar thrown in for good measure. Something is wrong with my student loan: it says the first installment was released and that I received it, but I didn’t. Double checked my banking info, and they have the right account on file. School got their tuition, but I haven’t seen a cent. Turns out school hasn’t sent them a letter yet confirmed that I’m in class. I don’t see any money until they do that, and because of the strike it may take a while. I’m really hoping it will be in the bank tomorrow because I need to buy about $400 worth of things at the bookstore (my missing textbooks and a lab coat). Bills are also due this week and I really don’t feel like getting stuck with late fees, and I’ve run out of some of my vitamins (I’m completely broke so if I don’t get that loan soon I’m a bit screwed).

No great outdoors today unfortunately, maybe next weekend. Things just went haywire with everyone’s schedules, and I was too exhausted after work last night to get my reading done. I’ll be hiding out in my PJs for the rest of the day doing that. It looks like a lot of reading, but it’s really light subject-wise so it shouldn’t be too hard. Lots of problems with tremor and spasticity today. I have a cold so that’s kicking up all sorts of problems (yay all my usual annoying stupid painful symptoms on top of a sore throat and sinus congestion). It’s going to be impossible to hide that there is something wrong with me at school because of this. I’ve already had tremor and spasms in class, and I know at least one person saw my leg looking like a bowl of epileptic jello on top of an unbalanced washing machine during an earthquake. Not really something I want the other students knowing about me. Really sucked to be sitting there in a room full of people my age and hear them talking about what they’re going to do after class, and knowing that I’ll just be sitting at home in pain and physically unable to do those things normal people my age do because of my stupid body breaking down. I think that’s going to be the hardest part of getting through the course, feeling almost entirely cut off from those around me. Everyone else will have the energy left after classes to go to the campus Halloween party and pub nights and all that fun stuff, but I won’t. Kinda hurts. All work and no play…

Speaking of work, I have to hit the books. But first, I’m going to pimp out a few little tools and such that I love, hopefully some of it will be useful to some of you:

1) Skyscape’s Archimedes Medical Calculator. Love it. Lists tons of formulas and does the work for you. This is the link to the free version (which I use), but they have a lot of other cool apps (both free and paid, I have quite a few already and plan to get more).

2) Quizlet I love this site so freakin hard. You can make flashcards, mix and match quizzes, all kinds of things to help you study. You can also browse through other quizzes that other users have made, share your quizzes with others, or just keep them private for your own use. Free, of course.

3 )Sands Canada Inc. My favorite medical supply company. They are geared towards EMS but they have plenty of tools that are useful to students in health programs (BP cuffs, stethoscopes, uniforms, etc). Customer service are very friendly as well. They also sell diabetic supplies and at one point had a TENS unit for sale (no idea if they will get more).

4) Canes Canada. The link is to their selection of folding aluminium canes but they have plenty of other styles. As soon as I get the money I will be ordering a folding one so I can carry it in my bookbag or purse when I don’t need it. Not bad price-wise either.

5) Zwipes Binders. Binders that have a cover that pretty much acts as a whiteboard. Really cool and useful for jotting down quick notes without having to waste paper or break out your phone. I’ve had the same one for several years and it has held up really well, so they are quite durable. I want to get a new one to use for lab use.

I feel like I’m missing a few links that I wanted to share…me? forget something? Noooo, never! 😛 Oh well, when I remember what else I wanted to share I’ll post links to those as well.


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