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Rough night

September 8, 2011

Last night was bad. Really bad.

I went to bed early, couldn’t sleep. I had involuntary movement all of my body (head shaking, arms and legs jumping, back arching), painful spasms, right eye pain. Lots of aching muscles, eye pain and headache, burning sensations, really bad dizziness (made worse by the head movements) pins and needles, tingling, and the numbness/decreased sensation in my hands spread nearly up to my elbows. I just wanted to sleep. I ended up crying begging my body to just stop moving and let me sleep. Tried to sleep for about 20 minutes but it wasn’t happening despite being dead tired, so I got up.

Checked my temperature and it was up 1 degree. That’s it, just 1 degree. Still within normal range, but my temp is normally on the lower side of average. Just that 1 degree change ruined me. I took half a melatonin and managed to get some sleep. Was awake at 3am for some reason but managed to get back to sleep until 5am. It was kinda nice to wake up before any alarms went off.

Exceptionally sore today, but so far no spasms or spasticity (still have the normal numbness, tingling, and occasional pins and needles, some burning in my spine). Only have two classes today (top floor, once again) and they are back to back, so at least I get out fairly early. I’m going to wait until about a half hour before classes start to take a pain killer, hopefully that will work out well. I was considering writing an e-mail to the head of the program last night to request a private meeting to discuss this. I have to do oral presentations and I’m a bit worried about that given the speaking problems that come and go (using wrong words, completely mixing up the order of words, messing up tenses, etc.)

Classes all day tomorrow, won’t be getting home until around dinner time, but at least it’s the last night. Just have to get through today and tomorrow, that’s it, just two more days…


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