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Get ready for some whining and expect a lot of swearing

September 7, 2011

Wow, what a horrible first day back at school. I’m having a bit of a hard time typing right now (hands are very fumbly) so I’ll do my best to keep this coherent.
Managed to wake up on time thanks to 3 different alarms (blackberry, laptop, and alarm clock). Took forever to get going, I ended up running a few minutes behind.
Got to class on time, get to my class room (top floor, have to take the stairs or security gets pissy with you if you don’t have forms from disability services). There is a sign on the door stating the class name….it’s the wrong class. I check the room number on my phone, they match. Something isn’t right. Teacher comes out of next class and asks if I’m looking for pre-health chemistry. Yup. She asks if I went to orientation the day before. I say no. She gets snippy.

“Well, chemistry is cancelled today. If you had come to orientation you would have known that. The math test is at 11:30, make sure you don’t miss that one too.” She goes off in a huff back into her classroom before I can say anything. The letter the school mailed to me says the test is at 1100, not 1130. I’m in a bad mood as it is from the lack of sleep lately, and mutter “go fuck yourself, bitch” as I’m walking away (cause I’m extremely mature and not passive aggressive at all). It’s 8:30, I’m not sitting around doing nothing at school until the test. Bookbag is psycho heavy and killing my back and I’m starting to suspect they cancelled all of my classes that day besides maybe the test. So I walked to my parents place to drop off my bag. It’s not a nice neighbourhood, but at least it’s close.

On the walk back, I see two little girls playing in a front yard. There is a large man with a hoodie pulled over his head standing on the side walk watching them with his back to the road. He’s fumbling with something in his hoodie pocket and keeps looking back and forth. As I get closer (I had to walk within 2 feet of him to pass him because of the narrow sidewalk lined with garbage bags) I see what he’s fumbling in his pocket: a gun. How lovely. This is right near a house where I was attacked by a pitbull/american bulldog mix the last time I was in school. When I reported the dog attack, the police were grateful and mentioned how they were looking for a reason to go into their home because they were suspected of drug dealing. I see the hoodrats have moved it up a notch in terms of “protection”. Lovely, I’m really going to feel safe walking to and from school now.

I drop off my bag and hang out with my sister for a bit before she gives me a ride back to school. I get there for 11, just incase the bitchy teacher from earlier was wrong. There are picketers blocking the laneway into the school. They very slowly just barely make enough room for a car to squeeze through. I get to the test room, and it’s empty. Door is open, lights are off, no teacher, no students, no signs, no nothing. So I decide to wait it out until 1130 in the lounge area nearby. While sitting there killing time on my phone I hear two other students talking: one of them showed up for the cancelled chem class too, but they did go to orientation. The cancellation was only announced to the afternoon orientation. I never received notice that there was an afternoon orientation, only early morning.

Teacher finally shows up at 1130 to run the test. It’s the bitchy teacher (who I will not refer to as Professor Mouth, since she can’t shut the damn thing for 5 minutes). I’m so exhausted that I’m starting to see double. My hands are going completely numb, my legs are twitching, and I’m starting to shake (turns out I had to go to the bathroom, thus the shaking, but I was in such a fog I completely forgot about that connection. I didn’t feel the painful urge to go until about 5 minutes into the test). My spine is on FIRE and I’m getting intense painful pins and needles everywhere. I can hardly focus. I have to look down to see the test, so the tingling, numbness, and pain get worse. I bombed the math test. I was trying to crack away at it for an hour. I just couldn’t do it. Even the very basic stuff I was screwing up. I’m not very good at math and do not find it enjoyable at all, but I’m not normally this bad. I’m expecting to be told I need a tutor (though since I get into a normal sleep pattern and am actually being taught it, I will be fine). I hand in the test and she says “I’ll see you this afternoon for communications.” FUCK ME she’s the communications teacher. She can’t remember the class number for comm and tells me a different start and end time than what is printed on my schedule.

I guess I need that bookbag then! Walk back to my parents place to pick it up. I have an hour to kill so I hang out with my sister some more, take a robax because my back is killing me (which did NOTHING of course) then head back a half hour early. I stopped at the bookstore to pick up my manuals (I need 3 of them, one for comm, one for biology, and one for chemistry). The bookstore is a MESS and is PACKED. I find two of the manuals (1 is sold out), but they don’t have prices listed anywhere. I don’t have much left in the bank right now, the lineup is huge, and the staff are moving really slowly. Screw it. I leave the store and just go wait for the class to start.

The class was mindnumbing. She spent an HOUR explaining the course outline then we killed the rest of time doing ice breaker exercises (I hate those, so forced and uncomfortable, just let it occur naturally damnit!) . By the time class ended I was getting spasms and twitches. Turns out she’s also the program coordinator. Finally something good happens: she lets us out 10 minutes early. I somehow managed to walk back to my parents place for a ride home. All I could think about was taking a nice cool bubble bath and a cold beer. I cleaned the bathtub last night so it should be good to go….I get home and find it covered in dirty paw prints. Bad kitty, bad.

I am in agony right now. Something new is happening; if anything slightly warm touches my numb spots, instant horrible burning pain. Areas that aren’t numb are fine. This is new, I do not like this. Think I’ll skip the beer tonight and just take a pain killer. Thankfully only two classes tomorrow, will def be in bed very early (I’m barely keeping my eyes open now, gotta eat supper and take my pills first). That and homework. Gotta get some homework done on the first day….ugh.

Is it the weekend yet?


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